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    January 01, 2003

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    Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

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    Hyattsville, MD

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    Black/African American

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Hey BP!


Like most of us, I'm just here to meet new people and learn what I can from whoever offers something worth offering (even if it's just conversation). But, I'm mostly interested in networking in one way or another with people with common interests.

"fitness, boxing, MMA, nature, traveling, fine arts, photography, drawing, illustration, graphic design, fashion design, poetry, creative writing, songwriting, running, philosophy and culture"

I'm kind of a role player though, and versatile at that; I can be good, bad, stupid, smart, friendly, mean, or professional. Pick one one and I'll roll with it.

I've posted a lot of pics on here so you can see what I'm into, as well as some sketches and designs I've done. I haven't been drawing and designing as much as I used to though, so I'm more on here looking for some artistic inspiration (/ motivation). Not to mention, I'm here for anyone who needs any artistic services. So feel free to ask about portraits, logo designs, tattoo designs, graphic designs or anything to do with visual art and illustration.



I mostly do these caricatures nowadays. I have an album full of friends I drew on Facebook. 



Here are some vids I did just for fun if you want to check them out.

This is the last song I recorded. I came a LOOONG way vocally since my first track posted on BP years ago...

This is me at the gym working on my speed and knock out power...


So now that you got to see the basics, "Lemme introduce you to my two fingers... into: 'DUCES!' " 

Don't leave my page without hitting my inbox. I will try to respond to every note as long as it is respond worthy ;) TTYL