KDionM Don't confuse what you DO for a man for what you ARE to a man... Some of y'all are doing too much. - December 13, 2014 add/view comments (3)

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Favorite quote: "Life doesn't require that we be the best... Only that we try our best".

I am here to chat with some cool peeps and share my thoughts and blogs so please take the time to read some of them...  Trust me, you'll enjoy them!

Just a little about me:  Born and raised in Metro Atlanta, never been married, don't have children, very silly and rarely takes anything too seriously (life is complicated enough, you know), a bit of a homebody but I do enjoy getting out doing "chill stuff", I served 8 years in the Army, I just finished my bachelors in Human Resources and I hope to be in Law School by 2014...  God willing.

Most of my blogs deal with relationship matters (some political) but I AM NOT AND NEVER CLAIMED TO BE A RELATIONSHIP EXPERT...  My blogs are just my personal opinions and analyzations.  I don't try to fix people's problem, I only point out the reasons WHY they are problems and the rest is up to you... Here is a sample:

The Cure For Substandard Men

"To the people who keep asking me why there are no good men, I'm gonna make this clear and simple... As long as the women in our society accept mediocrity (sub-standard men) the value of men in our society will CONTINUE to DECLINE. You, the woman, by accepting this, makes it "OKAY" for a man to be sub-standard, and that's where we stand today; THAT is why you can't find a "good man". Now, there is nothing wrong with mediocre as long as he aspire to better himself AND that he accepts the challenge... See you can't JUST push him, he has to accept it and want to. But all-in-all, it is time for women, in general, to start raising the bar and demanding MORE from a man, or simply  don't open the door for him.

TALK is no longer an option; he must DO, or be DONE with. DO NOT MAKE IT OKAY FOR A MAN TO BE SORRY AND NO-GOOD!! This is the only cure for the black community and the key element to making it stronger... SUB-STANDARD NEED NOT APPLY. Men HAVE to step up, but they won't as long as they know that someone will comfort their sorry asses. Behind every good man is a strong woman but a woman who accepts weakness is weak herself and cannot be of any good to any man... That is MY quote, lol".

If you have ANY questions you wanna ask me, feel free and I WILL respond...  I love questions because they challenge me to think!

recent blog posts

5 Traits of A Good Man


1. PROMISES A man's word is his currency. A respectable man is a man of his word. He says what he means and means what he says. His word is his bond. A good man will keep his promises to his woman. He won't break dates and be a no call and no show. He will not play with your emotions. He remembers to call you when he says he will. A man who values his woman keeps his promises. That is the way he shows that he cares.2. Intimacy is something that is natural to human nature. However... (continue reading)

Tell Me Lies...


I don't listen to much radio but lately I have and I've noticed that there's a sudden outbreak of songs about women WANTING to be lied to, so I came up with a theory on why some women prefer lies subconsciously over truthWomen grow up on fairy tales about fairy tale lives and fairy tale endings in fairy tale worlds and fantasiesincluding romance novels and such, so subconsciously a lot of women love lies because lies are the closest thing in real life to a fairy tale... The truth is too hard to... (continue reading)

The Dating Routine.......


Here's the routine... You meet a guy, like his representative, sleep with him, find out that he's not real, complain about there being no real men out there... Repeat. See the problem? You didn't require him to be real BEFORE you went all in, so why complain after the fact?Your feelings don'trequire muchfrom men nowadays except a good first impression... It's no wonderwhy women are always feelingdisappointed and let down.Most people wouldn't give a dollar to a homeless person yet are so quick to... (continue reading)

Don't Scare Him Away


Emotional baggage can scare men away, especially when you carry it around early on in a new relationship. Here are some quick tips on how NOT to run him off...1, LET HIM GO... The manmen who hurt you, and I mean COMPLETELY let him go... Don't call him, don't go see him, don't take his calls, don't entertain him... Get all of that mess out of your system BEFORE you move onto the next guy. Resolve or forget unresolved issues!2, don't bring him up in conversations early on with the next guy and if... (continue reading)

Online Dating Issues


There's nothing wrong with online dating. Most people do it, even the ones who won't admit it... There's nothing to be ashamed of and it's really no different than meeting someone on the streets because they both require the same input... TIME and PATIENCE.Here's the problem with online dating though... TOO MUCH ACCESS! If you walk into a bar or lounge on a good night, you may find 150 to 200 people in attendance at best but online there may be 50,000 people logged on and 200,000 people to... (continue reading)

Living In The Past


Too many of us live in the past and not in the present, which causes our futures to seem bleak. Most people long for some PAST feeling they once had and because of it, everything they do today involves trying to get BACK some feeling they had yesterday. That's why some people are afraid to date a type of person they aren't accustomed to, out of fear that it might not bring them some feeling they used to have. For example... If you're feeling like you're never gonna find love, it's only because... (continue reading)