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    May 15, 2002

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    Master's Degree

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    Executive Management

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    United Kingdom

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    Black/African American

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2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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Words can be powerful weapons, capable of making us believe that what is bad is really good, what is untrue is true. Things said the right way can play even the wisest of minds.
  Therefore never judge by words alone but by the deeds and actions that back up the words.

I can say many things about the great person I believe myself to be, but what will that tell you? A single profile and a picture (which may or may not appeal to you) tells you little of the depth of the man you see before you.

Be prepared to discover what lies beneath!

Approach me with an open mind!

Let not my words or appearance cloud your vision as to the true substance of my being. Be prepared to reach into the spirit of one who seeks to connect, not with a "phat" body, or a pretty face but with people who are more than a makeover and a provocative pose.
Friends are what I seek. People of substance that can stimulate my mind, broaden my awareness, and offer me perspectives about life I could not see for myself.
That is what growing is about.

What good is life if there is no growth?



                       A Woman's Needs                                              

                                                    [ Karl J Christopher (c) ]


A woman needs Truth (and honesty), the ingredients of trust

A woman needs Romance to bloom, not just your animal lust

A woman needs Understanding it shows her that you care

A woman needs Empathy, it’s a thing that lovers share


A woman needs Love with meaning, not just words to impress

A woman needs Obligation, a hundred percent - nothing less

A woman needs Verity, come correct and keep it real

A woman needs Emotion, let her know what you truly feel


A woman needs Kindness, with deeds that touch the heart

A woman needs Intent, there is a purpose from the start

A woman needs Softness, like the tenderness of your touch

A woman needs Sincerity, you could never give too much


If you truly love a woman you must show it in your deeds and give to her the things that matter - the things a woman needs


* * * * * *

The pain another causes you says much about their inadequacies............The bitterness you carry says much about yours!




Stimulate a man's body and you may have him for the night.  Stimulate a man's mind and you will have him for a lifetime!




Apportioning blame is never as constructive as 'accepting' responsibility!




You must first let go of the 'pain' of yesterday before you can embrace the 'joys' of tomorrow!

                                                                      Karl J Christopher

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