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    October 06, 2013

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    Houston, TX

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    Black/African American, Other

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    Brazilian, Haitian, Trinidadian

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B W J - Bakery:

Our selection of Delights:

Dessert Cups, Strawberry Dessert Pan, Cheese Cakes, Caramel Popcorn Balls, Candy Apples, Cookies and more !!!

We deliver and also do Mailing-Shipping for -
for -
Church Events / Gospel Music Events
Church Conferences / Family Reunion Events
Weddings / Bridal Showers / Baby Showers
Dinner Parties / Slumber Parties
Book Club Gathering Events / Library Events
Parties / Birthdays / Slumber Parties
any Special Events or just for House Hold.

We deliver in the local Houston area.

Currently deliver in the following Houston Areas.

The Woodlands / Jersey Villiage / Cypress

Katy / Cinco Ranch / Mission Bend

Pecan Grove / SugarLand

Missouri City / Fresno

Memorial Dr. - Route

Briar Forest Dr. - Route

San Felipe St. - Route

And we also do Shipping and Mailing Nation wide and Internationally.

Give us a 7 day advance notice before the Event.

E-MaiL us your order, alone with your name and phone #.
We will contact you shortly. ( Thank You )

Our E-maiL Address:

1.) E-MaiL:


My name is Karen, and I was born and raised in Brazil. And then later move to the States. Now i'm living in Houston Texas.

Two weeks later after moving to Houston, I was approached by this crazy azz group of people. Strange and twisted.

( F.B. BlacuLa HoLe Dyslexia )

They are Gothic Punk Rock Heavy MetaL Hardcore !?!?!?!

Ummm, I don't know !!!!

Sh*t !!!! ... LOL

They are f**kin crazy !!!!! ... LOL

We are nothing alike, we have nothing in common.

But they decided to put me in their crew.

I guest opposites attract !?!?!?! ... LOL

So they're my crew now.


BIG SHOUT to my crew in Houston, Texas

( F.B. BlacuLa HoLe Dyslexia )

Yall know i'm crazy about yall. ... LOL

Yall number 1 in my life !!!

I Love you all !!! ( Kisses )



My beautiful native home

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DAMN I Love this video !!!!

So Seductive =_L2vJEb6lVE


Oh Yes !!!!!!

Still my favorite song. =dGd9DTTrX4U


I Love you ASAP Rocky !!!!

Love you baby !!!!!

Your number 1 fan !!!! =L7Ax0D2wlEg


Houston Texas Most Hottest & Sexiest Couple !!!

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The Finest Man in Houston

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Sizzling HOT ! ! ! ! !

I press on the Replay button

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Sexual Chocolate Addiction

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My Future Husband.

Big E. Langston

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BIG E. ( The Best of the Best )

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CT Fletcher

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It's time to jump the broom

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H-Town Finest ( Houston, Texas )

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H-Town Ballers ( Almighty Houston, Texas )

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Texas Playaz and Ballers

1.) zBallazAndHustlaz


For all our Websites, just google us.
Google BWJ Links:

Yacht Club Nation /Yachts-Super-Boat-Racing/5028 43273140338

Our Facebook Page: /set/?set=a.306735342813917.10 73741828.110502575770529&type= 3

Our Linked-in Page: wj-bakery

Our VK Page:

Our Tumblr Page:

Our Pheed Page:

Our PlusGoogle Page: 447283231560529/posts

Our Twitter Page:

Our Stumble Page: mbler/bakerybwj

Our MySpace Page: ry_bwj

Our Pinterest Page: ybwj

Our Page


Strawberry Dessert Pans

Prices and Pan Sizes:

A.) Regular Pan Size: $30.00 - $40.00

B.) Big Pan Size: $50.00 - $60.00

C.) of Pan: $15.00 - $25.00


Katy SugarLand Dessert Cups
( Convenient Portable Cups )

Prices and Cup Sizes:

A.) Mini Cup 1: - $1.00

B.) Mini Cup 2: - $2.00

C.) Small Cups: $3.00

D.) 2nd Small Cups: $4.00

E.) Medium Size Cups: $5.00

F.) Large Cups: $6.00

G.) 2nd Large Cups: $7.00

( Our Customers )
Our customers have bought the Dessert Cups for Events such as Church Events / Family Reunion Events / Weddings / Bridal Showers / Baby Showers / Dinner Parties / Slumber Parties / Book Club Gathering Events / Sporting Events / High School Events and just for Household.

( Food for TraveL )
The Cups are portable and convenient for customers. The customers can buy these portable cups and take them to school, to work, to events, parties, weddings, sporting events, road trips, hiking trips or ship bus train air travel, and eat the product as breakfast, snack, or lunch.


OnLine Purchases:

Our Main Page for Online Purchase:
Purchase Online now at - ybwj


Beginning Black HoLe Activity =BWc-tcgbaU8


Gothic Punk Rock Hardcore Heavy MetaL

F.B. BlacuLa HoLe Dyslexia tler33/mediaset?set=a.52233312 4510203.1073741845.10000200559 0177&type=3

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