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    June 12, 2008

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    Atlanta, GA

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I AM a singer/songwriter born and rasied in Atlanta. Yes, it's true I've written for Diddy, Usher, Ciara, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Omarion, The %#&@$!cat Dolls, & Britney Spears to name a few (want more? see the DISCOGRAPHY blog for details). I'm also part of a team of producers called The Clutch. Ok so my name pops up here & there in the writing world...but NOW I'm finally preparing to beauregard into the performance world in mid 07 so keep a close watch! My artist debut is on Timbaland & Polow da Don's label Mosely Music Group/Zone 4/Interscope Records. I wanted to provide a bit of un-common knowledge about myself in my OWN words (see the BIO blog for the one somebody else wrote). Hehehe! here goes:


MY STORY is really no different than any one else's...success happened for me when opportunity met many years of preparation. It went down like this (the short & sweet version, that is): I was working with Polow when he introduced me to Timbaland...Tim liked what he heard and saw, we tested our musical chemistry and hit it off all the all parties involved made it happen contractually. Now I'm just working extra hard to make sure no one ever regrets their decision to play a part in my dream.


ALTHOUGH you may think I'm crazy for this, what motivates me is the very fact that I feel like I ain't done nothin yet!! I'm nowhere near where I want to be. I'm a self-motivated person. No extraneous factors influence how hard I work...I'm a perfectionist by nature- not your average girl...I'm an ex-athlete so I'm a competitor! Can't help it.


AS AN ARTIST my goals are simple. Of course I'll take the recognition, chart-toppers, and awards when that time comes, but true-to-heart I just want to be performing as long as I have the desire to. I've always loved to write and I'm so happy to be able to share my own thoughts, feelings, and experiences with whoever wants to listen.


WHAT YOU SEE now took nine loonnnnng years of group changes, voice changes, situation switches, financial drought...there was so much upward and downward motion but the only thing steady was my relationship with GOD. He laid the love for music on my heart at an early age for a reason. So I always found comfort in knowing that doing music was my destiny. Never once did I question whether my dreams would see the light of reality. I don't force the hand. Things will be when they're supposed to be. And my time is coming...soon...I can feel it.


SO I WRITE while i wait. i am always writing. I've been taking sessions with major artists during this whole process. Not only is it my livelihood but it's the core of my creativity, so I will always write for other artists because that was part of my dream. I use that time to experiment which helps me grow and stay creative, even as an artist. Look through credits if you wanna follow my writing career..being recognized for our work is the best part of being a writer, since too often artists and producers are given (sometimes take) all the credit.


THANKS for all the love you folks have shown me so early in the game!! I'm fresh off the bench but i won't let ya down! And thanks for bearing with my long-winded intro!! Well that's about it folks...visit often, make yourself at h'ome just don't be trackin no dirt round here, ya heard?

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Male, Age Private, Los Angeles, CA

Posted August 05, 2016

I would love to do an interview with you. please contact me and let me know if it is possible. icbs48 at yahoo dot com


Male, 45, Atlanta, GA

Posted October 20, 2015

Happy birthday Keri


Male, 63, Pittsburgh, PA

Posted January 06, 2015



Male, 59, Yucca Valley, CA

Posted October 28, 2014



Male, 41, Los Angeles, CA

Posted October 27, 2014

Happy Birthday! Lets hope everything is chill have a fantastic day
One! Rock On!


Male, 69, Oakland, CA

Posted October 24, 2014

Keri, I hope you have a wonderful B-day! Keep on doing what you're doing lovely lady. Ahundra from Oakland, Ca.


Male, 49, Marietta, GA

Posted July 08, 2014

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Posted July 08, 2014

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Male, 63, Pittsburgh, PA

Posted January 30, 2014

HI Keri. Hope Things are going Well For YOU

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