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  *About Me*

 What's Up BP? If you really wanna know my name ask me. I'm 5'8 130LBS and 25 yrs of age. I'm going to school to be a mobile application designer and I'm also studying to be a Locksmith. I have a daughter that will be two this christmas. I'm looking to meet a new woman that is goal orientated, positive, kind (cause I don't like mean women), have some home training, manners, morals, and some sense of common knowledge. Height doesn't matter too much to me, and if you wear yo weight well that shouldn't matter either. One or maybe two kids might be okay, it depends on the scenario. A woman that cooks and cleans is always a plus. I don't mind a woman that wants all of her mans free time or like to give him her free time when ever she has it. I do mind a woman that like to go kick it all the time at bars and clubs. I'm 25 and i believe I should have fun in my twenties true enough, but there are more mature ways to have fun then appearing to be available when you have someone. Occasions and events are very acceptable though. Otherwise I wannaspend time with my companion and get to know my partner. Learn and do things together. Like play games with me and I'll do yoga with you. Or we can always study on the same things we may be interested in and share what we've learned together. Our relationship should be a journey that consist of trust and patience building each other up to be one of the most successful, motivated, goal orientated couple that WE know. And it could go alot further then that but for now I'll leave it like this. Any more questions you can contact me here or @:

KiK: princesotrue

(Other contact info coming soon enough)


 *~!How I Became The King Of Heart!~* Finna take this %#&@$! out!



 *One Day I Was Playin Round Rapping Till I Grabbed The Pen!


 *I Didn't Know I Had Such A Talent Within!

 *It's A Blessing From God, Some How Hereditary!

 *With Favor In God Like The Calcium In Dairy!

 *Now Everytime I Spit There's A Purpose And Reason!

 *Cause I Am Summer Time Even Through Winter Season!

 *I'm Givin You Light To Help You Grow And Develope!

 *Giving Clarity, Like I'm Sonya Or Philip!

 *I'm Another Dr. Phil With W/ Alittle More Lip!

 *I'm Just Another Pac But Alittle Less Hip! 

 *I Got Amazing Wit, But I Only Get Better!

 *Asking God For The Strength Just To Get This Chedder!  



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