Konfidence573 It truly amazes me that Media & Gov't officials continually refuse to call White men ..TERORISTS, who commit terrorist acts. The "Serial Bomber" in Texas did just that for 2 weeks. Its a complete joke the lengths they will go to maintain the illusion of superiority. Pure Comedy... - March 21 add/view comments (11)

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That boy's not soft.He's BOLD, He's FEARLESS.Let me tell you all a story.I had a deepdish apple pie.I went to the refrigerator.Apple pie gone.I mean, pie nowhere.Nobody's in the house but me and Jordan.With a face full of crumbs, I asked him What happened to my pie?He say he surprised a Food Burglar.I said, What?!I knew it was a lie. I just wanted to hear it again.He said, I surprised a Food Burglar, Uncle BernieheeheeHeehee, nothing.Let me tell you something. You can't be soft and tell a... (continue reading)

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Just here looking to vibe with positive people that have good energy.

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Female, Age Private, Hartford, CT

Posted September 07, 2013

Looking in...........sits on couch.....picks up the remote....clicks on and off.....presses play on the system music fills the room..smiles.....nods...closes eyes....whispers ..yeah that's my Jam!......


Female, Age Private, Kent, WA

Posted September 07, 2013

Wondering what exciting adventures are on the menu for you this weekend, Handsome! Enjoy! xoxo