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    March 20, 2008

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    Kylin DeVon Thomas

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    Consulting Services

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    Over $200,000

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    Chicago, IL

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    Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino

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Hello, if you visited my page in the past you would of found out
that I write and speak fluent e bonics. I do that for a specific
reason it is sometimes inappropriate, unappealing, and at times
down right distasteful! I have never been an individual without the
capacity to conduct myself in a civil manner. Furthermore one
should not judge an individual based on the fact that they may
speak different or look different than you! This why there is so
much public unrest and social inequality. I am very educated and
what damn difference does that make! Some of our brothers and
sisters could not afford the type of education that most are privy
to. Besides the cruel and untrustworthy people have excellent
educations, can for a sentence containing a subject, noun, and a
predicate. Then when they get the money they seem to forget where
they come from or feel better than most of society. Which make for
the most part people that speak fluent e-bonics, are under educated
and unprivileged, and can give two %#&@$!s about a subject, noun, or
a predicate! They come from the streets, the barrio, hoods, of
America. I am not afraid to call them brothers and sisters. I
choose also to omit education and my finances until now. I was ere
to shed a little light, wisdom, strength, and beauty upon those who
could see what I was doing. i did not come to find a wife. I choose
to come here to make friends with the opposite sex and let nature
take its course. You should not want me because of the way I speak,
how I look or do not look, my accounts, or credit cards! You should
find something tingle deep in your soul and you just have to make
so kind of contact. Most women seem to send me nude photos, thats
fine, but you should be showing that to your potential mate and not
a booty call! I am no booty call so if I accept you as a mate we
will be friends first. Then I don't mind seeing you naked or you
seeing me. We are not children and that is how we came into this
world! In conclusion I hope that you find what you are looking for
in love and in life.... AmenRajohn

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