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2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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2013 First things first, if your gender is male, leave the page homie. Ladies if I hit your page and did not leave a note, please do not send me a "Thank You" or a "Wink", if I didn't say anything to you, apparently I am not interested. It's like walking down the street and you look at women and don't say anything, your just checking her out, it does not mean that you want to say something or don't know what to say.....not me, I say what I feel and do try to be respectable as possible. Ladies if your on this site attempting to connect with somebody for what ever reasons, get off of that "PRIVATE" age thing. That's only a sign that YOU think that you are OLD. You are who you are.....BE IT! What happened to me on BP......recently chatted with this woman, good phone conversation, we had a lot of likes in common, fishing, sea food, traveling, making money ect. So we talked on the phone for two hours get off of the phone, everything's good, we talked about getting together in the future to meet each other to see if we have a connection. So, the next day or two we talk and this time I am driving on my way to run some errands close to the area where this woman lives. So of course the questions comes up, "what are up to? What are you doing?" response, travel to the city to run some errands. Don't you know this chic flew of the handle, "Oh, if you had told me that you were coming down this way, I would have met you somewhere". First of all, I don't want someone reporting to me and I DAMN sure ain't reporting to NOBODY. Needless to say, if I wanted to meet you on that day, don't you think that I would have mentioned it? And because I did not, does not mean that I am CREEPIN (no need for that). It means that I had business to tend to....feel me. Remember that I told you that I was driving, as I told her. Don't you know this woman was calling me every 15 mins about some BULL SHET and when I am driving, I don't like to talk and/or text. Then she went on with the craziness, text me with all sorts of crazy texts stating that h ex is trying to get back with her because she posted on her Facebook page that she met someone that seems interesting and that she likes.....HUH?, we never even met, she don't know me from a hole in the wall. I can't wait to get off of this site,


If the below statements don't apply, then let it fly. Years later I am still get notes from women talking about I seem mean, I am tough on women, lots of luck finding what your looking for, etc, etc.  If you feel that way, that's cool, but please do beleive that all that is written is from experience not from spectulation.

****************************** ****************************** ****************************** ****************************** ****************************** ****************************** ************  12/15/2007
Please send notes.....NO INVITES, reason why?---- I am not interested in being added to the collection on you page as another good looking guy on a bike, I am much more special than that, far from stuck on myself and conceited is not in my vocabulary, just keeping it 100% REAL if your picture is not recent or does not look like you now, don't even try it, keep it moving. If you are NOT a clean women that takes showers and/or baths at least twice or more a day or has a problem with genetial hygiene, you know what to do......stay to the left baby...because your NOT right. If you are a women that thinks that she is OK and does not think that she is all that or think that she is fat, PLEASE send a note, those are usually the women that are hot to death. All others, rememeber that the truth will set you free. My personal fetish, pretty feet, not freshly pedicured, but pretty, there is a difference....and pantyhose and/or stocking wearing women that wear dresses and/or skirts with pantyhose to work.....send 2 notes and call me!
~~~~only serious WOMEN with understanding need to read on. PEACE:)

Sorry, but I cannot take it anymore.

This page is for serious WOMEN interested in meeting Jay-Life!

What I am NOT and/or NOT interested in, is;

1.) Gay /Men - Please get the PHUCK out of here. No need to view this page at all and please do not send any notes, I am not with that.

2.) Little girls .....under 21 years of experience, Please go do your homework, have a warm glass of milk, two chocolate chip cookies and take your young azz to bed. Maybe have your mother send me a picture.

3.) Women that just want a pen pal. I have no time for that. I am not interested in pen paling you and never having the chance to meet. Women that just want to hear my sexy voice and masturbate while looking at my picture on this page, buy yourself a toy a picture of LL and keep it moving. I am nothing to play with.

4.) Women that live way too far and have no means what so ever of us getting together. ie: Missouri, Michagan, Oklahoma,West Bubblephuck etc, etc, etc.

5.) Women that send notes without subject lines and only say two words like "Nice Bike", thank you, but it`s not about the bike baby, it`s about me/us.

6.) Women without pictures. If you do not have one on your page, please send one to my e-mail box --- Please do that first before sending a note.

Welcome to the page....Enjoy!

< Why is it that most women on the Internet when setting up there profile come across as if there are all that. If you were all that, I don't think that you would be on the Internet trying to find that right one. Of course all of what I have to say does not apply to everyone just those that is does apply to. If you think that its not you, check yourself and make sure you might be wrong.
Why is it that most women that are on the Internet calling themselves GOD fearing and God this and God that, have pictures of themselves with very little or no clothes on?. From the looks of pictures like that, to me, it does not appear as if they are fearing GOD or anybody else.

Why is it that most women that are over-weight, call themselves thick?. There is a BIGG difference between thick and being over-weight. Don't get me wrong, some people like overweight, but if you are overweight and calling yourself thick, then you are only lieing to yourself and if you cannot tell the truth to yourself then you are damn sure going to lie to me and that's the worst thing that you can do to LIE!.

Why is it that everyone on BV/BP has a College Degree? I am sorry, but I cannot remember seeing that many black people in a classroom unless it was detention or a pizza party.

Why is it that married women still have a profile on the Internet and posing with very little or no clothes on?. Is it that they are still missing and or looking for something?.

Why is it that so many women have the "PHENOMINAL WOMAN" poem on their page?....I know that there are alot of "Pheonimal Women" out there, but damn, picture you go to a party and every woman in the party has on the same red dress...(lol)....ya see what I`s played. Make up your own original. Feel me?.

Why is it that so many of you after reading this whole entire page, are going to do everything that I asked you not to do?.....I can`t call it- - - yall are crazy! - - (smile)

No I am not a hater, I am just keeping it real. I mean I could really give less than a *uck what people do on the Internet, but I would like to open up some eyes to reality.

About me.

  I am a very serious, real, down to earth, very blunt, mind speaker.

  I like to have fun, laugh, joke, play (with my woman of course), I do not believe in being serious all of the time, but there is a time and place for everything.

  I know how to treat a lady like a lady. But first you have to identify yourself as a lady.

I really do not think that anyone will find love on the Internet, why?, because there are too many people out looking for the same thing and when searching, it is often found that people have way too many prerequisite conditions to meet which makes it impossible to find that special one based on what you want. Again, please do not get me wrong, no need to sell yourself short, however, loosen up a bit. Think about it, when you are walking down the street and you meet someone, you do not know if they meet your prerequisite conditions and often, they do not, if attracted to them, you still continue to be with that person because there is something about that person that you like. When searching on the Internet, all that you see, is the picture that they provide you. That picture can or cannot be the person that you are e-mailing back and forth, what they say about their children factor or income can all be lies as well. The only way to see if a person is for you is to meet them face-to-face. So if any of you ladies have seen any of my pictures or have read any of my profiles and have an interest, please be prepared for us to meet, after my viewing your profile and picture as well and NO, I am NOT interested in meeting you just for sex, that's way too easy and available anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I do like good sexxx with that right person and a lot of it with that person, but I would like to get to know you first.

What I look for in a woman:

Oh, damn, this is where I get real nasty, some of you ladies have probably left already or about to after you hear this, but for those that are still here, fasten your seatbelt, it's going to be a "BUMPY" ride, but a good one.

In a woman, I like.............

Don`t worry; I am not going to get too graphic.

This category will consist of many thing`s, all not in the listed order. What is listed in my likes in a woman represents what I like in a relationship as well.

1) I like a woman that is independent yet, has a need for me, as I will have for her.

2) Communicator as well as a good listener.

3) Honesty. (period)

4) Good-Looking inside as well as outside, knows it, but does not have to show it, because she is used to it and it is all natural.

5) No children. I like children, however, I do not have any and if we are going to have a serious relationship it should be all about us, with plans for us having a concrete future and starting our own family together. I guess that I am old fashion when it comes to this area. However, women with children are not counted out, if it's right, it will work.

This area seems to cause mass confusion with some women. Because you have children does not mean that I will not meet you and if we do meet and we connect with each other, does not mean that I will stop seeing you because you have children. I repeat, "WHAT I WOULD LIKE", is to start a family of my own with a woman of similar interest. Ya see, the keyword is "LIKE", how many things in life you may "LIKE", but can`t have or is just not for you?....Think about it, a lot, right?. Well this can be one for me as well. I may "LIKE" that old fashion family style loving, but it may not be in my cards. Only GOD has that answer, however, I will not base my decision of a woman viewing the fact, that she has children. Now, if she has disrespectful ill mannered, not disciplined, spoil rotten children with "Baby Daddy" drama, well, I will have no choice but to pass that up, due to foreseen unnecessary problems stemming from circumstantial situations beyond my control.

6) Real. There is nothing to hide.

7) Trust. Once it is broken, can never be repaired. So keep it real at all times.

8)Cook, the best way to a mans heart, is through his mouth and I do not mean you dripping your juices while sitting on his face (wink). Don`t get me wrong, I can cook and I am a Chef by trade, however, I do like a woman that can cook. Again, it`s not all about you slaving over the stove all day, we can take turns and going out to eat is available, however, I feel that food taste better when cooked at home and cooking is shared amongst the two of us.

Ladies if you are still here, please be aware that these are most of my likes, as I was requested to list, nothing is written in stone and some of these likes possibly can or could be altered just like anything in life and yes, even the children factor, I was asked, "what do you like in a women?", so I answered without getting too physical.

Well, for the most part, I think that I am done with this. I do believe that I answered all of the questions that I was asked.

I would like to take time out to thank ALL of you ladies that have been showing me madd luv with what you think about this page as well as your feelings about me and NO....the picture of the Indian is not me, I am the guy on the bike, the Indian represents my culture. Also, I am not looking for anything, this is all based on what I would like, if I was looking for something, I would be searching all the females pages on BlackPlanet. When GOD sends that special women to me she and I will know. It may be hear on BP and may not, only GOD knows.

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to contact me @ and I will answer them.

Last but most definitely not least I want to say R.I.P. to my 4 road doggs that I lost to fatal bike accidents within the last 3 years and the most recent, July2003 that past. No names need to be mentioned, because they know who they are...Yall will always be with me on every ride that I take. To my Brethren and Sistren Rida`s...Ride Safe!



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