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Strong boundaries between the three parts keep the ego fairly free from disturbing thoughts andwishesin the id,and there by guaranteeing efficient functioning and socially accepatable behavior.During sleep the boundaries weaken; disturbing wishes may slip into the ego from the id,warnings may come over from the superego.The results are intrapsychic conflicts. on mainifested in dreams sometimes even in frightening nightmares.Freud elucidated this conceptin his first major work, THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS1900;Something very similarto the weakening oboundaries during sleep sometimes happens during ordinary daytime activities when some impulse from the id manages to cross the repression barrier to invade the ego and cause faulty actions such as slips of the nuge.Psychoneurotic symptoms occur if psychologically hurtful experiences during childhood have left the repression too weak or have distorted the ego,or if the overstimulation has left the id wishes too strong,or if the delicate balance between ego,id and superego has been upset by injury by other events.Any kind of signficant trauma may lead to the ego becoming an arena of intrapsychic conflict between the intruding id, the threatening superego, and the powerful influences emanating from the surrounding environment.Furthermore,the damage done to basic psychological structures by traumatic experiences leaves those structures weakned with defective functioning.Such conflicts and defects can cause intense ANXIETY and severeDEPRESSION.order to keep functioning effectively,the ego attempts to maintain control by achieving some sort of compromise between the contending forces.Often such compromises appear in the form of inhibitions or compulsions that affect behavior.Abnormal behavior and the anxiety,depressions,and Phobias that go with it are called pschoneurotic symptoms in psychoanalytic theory.Neurotic character is the phrase used to designate a consistent pattern of neurotic behavior.When the damage abnormally distorts selfesteeem,the resulting disturbance is called a NARCISSTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER,ora DISORDER OF ONE SELF.NEPTUNENeptune is the eighth planetfrom the Sun and the most remote of the gas giants of the outer SOLAR STSTEM.During 1845 and 1846 the Englishman John Couch Adams and the Frenchman Urbain Jean Joseph Leverrier, unknown to each other, independently calculated where aneighth planet would have to be in order to explan slight perturbations in the orbitof URANUS.In Berlin on the night of Sept.23,1846, Johann Gottfried Galle Heinrich Louis dArrest found a new planet within Berlin one degree of the poistion sent them by Leverrier. The equally good prediction of Adams, made a year earlier,met with unfounded skepticism in England and was not published until after the planet been discovered. During the months following the announcement of the discovery, an international controversy developed between English and French astronomers as to whom credit belonged and what the planet should be named. Leverrier wanted to name it after himself. Eventually the new credit was given to both Adams and Leverrier for their calculations.Galileo actually may have spotted Neptune more than two centuries earlier,but not recongnize it as a planet.APPEARANCENeptune reaches a maximum brightness in the Earths night sky of magnitude 7.8, about five times too fain to be seen by the naked eye. In a large telescope the planet appears as a small blue disk,2.3 seconds of ARC in diameter. The best pictures of Neptune from the Earth show discrete bright clounds and a bright haze over the south pole the planet. The U.S VOYAGER 2 SPACECRAFT confirmed these sightings when it reached Neptune in 1989, flying less than ,5000 km 3,100 mi above the planets clound tops on August 25. The space crafts cameras revealed many atmospheric features,including a large ,dark storm systemnamedTHE GREAT DARKSPOT for its resemblance to THE GREATRED SPOT OF JUPITER.ASTRNOMICAL DATAThe orbit of neptune around the Sun is even more nearly circular than the Earths orbit. The planets average distance from the Sun is 4,497,000,000 km 2,794,000,000 mi with an eccentricity of 0.0086. The orbit is inclined 146to theecliptic, or planeof the solar system,and the planet takes 164.793 yearsmakeone trip around the Sun.Neptunes axis of rotation is tipped only 2848,which is not greatly different from Earths 2330.The rotation period of Neptunes magnetic field, which is presumed to trace the rotation of the planets core, was found by VOYAGER 2 to be 16.11 hours. Most of the clouds on Neptune have longer periods of rotation, however ,ranging from about16 hours near the planets south pole to more than 18 hours near the equator.This means that the jetstrem wind speeds on Neptune reach 2,400 km that is ,opposite to the direction of rotation.These are the strongest retrograde winds seen on any planet in the solar system.PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICSNeptune has a diameter of 49,500km30,750 mi and a mass 17.22 times that of the Earth. This means that the planet is slightly smaller and heavier than URANUS. It has An Average density of 1.67 gcm3,compared to Uranuss density of 1.21 gcm3.The atmosphere of Neptune consists mainly for hydrogen and helium, but about 2.3 of the atmostphere probably consists of crystals of methane rather than of water, ice as seen in cirrus clouds on Earth. Methanes strong absorption featres dominate the spectrum of the planet,giving Neptune its deep blue color.Because the effective temperature of Neptune is at least 218 C360 F,it like JUPITER and SATURN but unlike URANUS,appears to have an INTERNAL ENERGY SOURCE.RINGSThe presence of rings around Neptune had Been a subject of debate prior to theVOYAGER encounter.Several groundbased observations hadsuggested that irregular arcs, or strands of partialrings,orbited the planet.Studies of the probess photographs,however eventually revealed that five rings surround Neptunetwo bright rings have narrow rings and three fainter,fuzzier sheets oforbiting materials.Some sections of the bright rings have significantly higher density that had first been detected by Earth TELESCOPES.The bright rings are located roughly at distancesof 53,000 km33,000 mi and 63,000 km25000 mi,and another in a zone between the bright rings while a third extended sheetperhaps fills the system between the planet and the inner broad of NEPTUNE.QUOTE FOR TODAYASK ME WHERE I GET MY INTELLIGENCEAND ILL TELL U IT RUNS IN THE FAMILYTHANX TO ME NOW ESSENCE HAS HER OWN PAGE SHE CAN LOG ON TOI THINK YOU SHOULD GO AN VIST HER.IF YOU STILL LIKE READING GO CHECK OUT MY DAUGHTERS PAGE SHE HAS TWO SITES UNDERESTHER5 AND ALSO ESSENCEJOHNSON MY TWO SONS CARLOS JOHNSON JR CJSIXXAND ELI ELIJAH JOHNSON HAS SITES TOO.Beyonce G knowles I Love You.Will You Become My Wife?nbsp;nbsp;

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