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John Sudds is a U.S. Navy veteran and founder of LOT, Inc., a developing recruiting company aspiring to provide match-making [interview services] over IP networks. John is also the founder of leafBuilder Apparel, a social-interactive brand whose four [4] principles are to inspire the world's citizens to become leafBuilders. Here's a young John onboard the USS Constellation in 1987, 4th row down and center. Go Navy!!!

A Favorite Quote & Call to Action: If who we are, are no greater than the number of zeroes behind our names, then zeroes are our substance. -- Lay down your zeroes and become heroes!


Censuring mainstream news media. Below are [7] preferred websites that either follows the news industry or pertain to its exchanges.           

Fair.Org Detect News Bias

News Masters [Who Controls America]

Who Own The News Today

The Journalist's Creed

Lying Media Bastards

Grade The News



Review News Ratings

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