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John is a U.S. Navy veteran and founder of LOT, Inc., a developing recruiting company aspiring to provide interview match-making services over IP networks. He's also creator of [leafBuilder Apparel], an emerging social-interactive brand centered on four [4] principles whereby consumers, fans and the public may pledge their loyalty. Here's a young John onboard the USS Constellation in 1987, 4th row down and center.

A favorite quote; a call to action: if who we are, are no greater than the number of zeroes behind our names then zeroes are our substance. Lay down your zeroes and become heroes!


Censuring mainstream news media. Below are [7] preferred websites that either follows the news industry or pertain to its exchanges.           

Fair.Org Detect News Bias

News Masters [Who Controls America]

Who Own The News Today

The Journalist's Creed

Lying Media Bastards

Grade The News



Review News Ratings

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