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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking

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    November 01, 2012

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    Brooklyn, NY

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    Black/African American

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 Look into my Life


Hola mi nombre es Marcus aka M Deezy Dinero aka MarkDaddy. No Im NOT Latino, I just like hablando en espanol.  Just joking!!!  I like keeping myself & others entertained.  Life is too short, so its good to have fun & enjoy it.  I made this page so you can take a peak inside my life.  I'm involved in alot of things & since I'm very secretive (I'm a Cancer, we usually don't want people ALL UP in our BUSINESS. lol), I made this page to share some of my memories & involvements.  I be getting my "Diddy on", I multi-task!!!  Im a Producer, Ex-Rapper, Ghost Writer, Director, Photographer, Writer, Investor, own a couple of online stores, Park Avenue Corporate Worker, Ex-Hustler, Legendary Lover, College Degree Holding Intellectual Thinker!!!  lol.  But dont let the page fool you, because I'm STILL a little shy.  Everybody thinks I'm lying about being shy except the people that knew me since I was a child, I guess as I got older I was able to hide my shyness more.  I'm also very humble & grateful for being blessed in so many ways in my life.  No matter how hard life gets, I appreciate what I have while I work towards getting what I want.  I'm a perfectionist so I work hard at everything I do, even in relationships.  I have ex-girlfriends that have told me "Oh, I see you're doing that with her?  You didn't do that with me".  lmfao.  I guess they dont understand life is about learning from your mistakes.  I believe NOBODY is perfect, but as a perfectionist I just try to work on MY OWN faults instead of blaming others.  Anyway, enough about ME.  Lets talk about this page.  This page was NOT created to get woman.  I don't use BP for "BOOTY CALLS".  I created this page to meet new people & find new friends.  Sometimes you outgrow the friends you have, so you have to search for people that are focused on the same things you are.  So this page is for NETWORKING.  I haven't been on BP in YEARS.  Some people might recognize me from a page I had back in the days under another name.  Back then, I met somebody from BP, we supposily fell in love, been with her for about 8 years, BUT just recently we separated.  So for about 8 years, I left the internet stuff alone.  You know, I had to cut off those temptations when I was with my Ex.  Back then, woman were just throwing it at me.  lol.  So I knew I couldnt stay on BP while I was trying to make that relationship work.  ANYWAY, now Im BACK!!  But I'm NOT looking for a relationship.  Im just on here to kill time when I'm bored & kick it with cool people.  But I do love flirting & I love talking to woman.  Alot of guys complain that they dont understand woman, but I just think they dont take the time to pay attention to detail.  Listen to their words & watch their actions and you can learn alot.  Anyway, send me a note & I'll get back to you.  But don't send a note just saying "Hi", because I'll just assume you're a Bot or Spammer & ignore it. 

Follow me on Instagram under the screen name MDeezyDinero

Also checkout a movie I'm starring in called "11208 The Movie".  You can find scenes, clips, trailers and teasers on the Directors facebook page under the name 11208TheMovie and theres a teaser of the movie on youtube.  Plus watchout for the 2 movies I'm in the process of writing.  I will be looking for actors and actresses soon.


The link to a movie I'm starring in is =UY7zi9YCOBY&feature=youtu be_gdata_player

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