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In 2006, Mike Phillips and a cadre of young musicians set out to revamp traditional Jazz with a new infusion of creativity and innovation that birthed the Pop-Jazz movement.

Pop-Jazz, at its essence, challenges the current jazz establishment by incorporating funk, soul, rock, pop and hip-hop influences. Audiences across the country embraced this dynamic artistry that, for many, made jazz relevant again.

As 2007 is close to an end and 2008 is on the horizon, Mike Phillips is about to take Pop-Jazz to the next level, and you have a chance to be part of the movement

Mike Phillips
Hidden Beach Recordings/Universal Music Group saxophonist Mike Phillips is recognized as one of the country's most gifted and versatile musicians today. From jazz to hip hop, funk to pop, his services are in high demand. Currently on tour with Prince, his past work includes the likes of Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder, Will Smith, and Notorious B.I.G as well as two chart-topping studio albums of his own. Armed with his signature passion and magnetic presence, this talented musician challenges the boundaries of musicianship and embraces a variety of influences that together are sure to blow you out of the room.

Pop-Jazz Volume One CD
This 15 track special edition CD provides a beautiful sonic tapestry that epitomizes Pop-Jazz artistry from current artists like Mike Phillips and Soulive to Nancy Wilson and Donald Byrd who came before them.

Featuring the recently recorded smash hit interpretation of The Crusader's Street Life featuring Mike Phillips and Jill Scott.

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