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Just a little photo album about me

Hello everyone, my name is Eddie Russell and im the owner of LFC-University and Contributing Author  And also a Graduate of Val Smyth's Mentors In Motion

"Makers Of Millionaires"
Coming Soon

A very Lucrative Alternative to the Devastated Real Estate Industry for Realtors, Ex-Realtors, Real Estate Brokers and Financial Professionals.

Learn about a Lucrative Alternative to the Melting Mortgage Industry That is quickly Gaining National Attention among Top Mortgage Professionals and Financial Advisors.





I want to thank everyone for stopping by my Blackplanet profile. What I'm about to share with you could literally change your life Forever.

The reason I started this BP profile is because, I used to be an Entrepreneur pretending to be an Employee. I've tried everything from Warehouse Distribution with Mclane Foods to being a Realtor with Crye-Leike. I tried my best to follow The Plan

You Know...

  • Go To School
  • Get Good Grade
  • Go To College
  • Get A Degree
  • Then Find A Good Job With Benefits


THEIR PLAN.....LOL...Just didnt work for me. I just believed that I was worth much more than that. I would rather use LEVERAGE to make a
Fortune, than use my own efforts to make a living.

Thats what started my search for my own Business Online and also why I started this myspace profile because I believe its time to give back and show other Entrepreneurs a path that helped me reach Personal and Financial goals, so I want to Meet, Network and Give back to other Newbie/Experienced Entrepreneurs who are looking for a surefire Game plan to a Totally New Lifestyle.

Hopefully I can share something with you that can change your life and inspire you to discover a better alternative to THEIR PLAN, just like I did when I started Working From Home, Being My Own Boss, and Making Money Online.....But before we get into all of that good stuff, like how to make a profit, or how to build a 250k business like Jay did, or how Sonny made over 30k in 3 weeks all while using the same system, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.....

As you can see from the pic, I'm not some smooth public speaker (Well I might be a little smooth) lol, but I'm most definitely not your typical professional.


I'm the boss of my own business, so I decide what Professionalism is. I love my suit & ties, but I also like to throw on a pair of jeans and Timberland's when I choose to.
Its my business and I'm the Boss....I have no employees and no time clocks.


I remember graduating from high school, and all my friends and
family were telling me to get a good job, or go to school for this major and that major.

I looked at everybody around me, adults and people my age and that was what everybody else was doing. I liked to be different and the success and lives they were living working 9-5 jobs, just didn't appeal to me....



Things that really bothered me about Corporate America:


  • Begging my boss for time off
  • Rushing back home from the holiday's with the family just to get back to work
  • Family comes in from out of town and I have to go to bed early because I have to be at work early in the morning...I really hated that
  • Peacefully sleeping then, getting woke up from an annoying alarm clock
  • Hitting the snooze button, so I can get those last 5 minutes of sleep YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT......LOL ( I have had to buy plenty of alarm clocks because I've beaten the snooze button
  • Rushing to get dressed, ALWAYS forgetting something
  • Then on top of that, Rushing to work, and slaving at a job that wants you to put in a 2 week notice in before you quit, but they can fire your A** Anytime they feel like it, especially after you have worked all day....they never give you a 2 week notice before they fire you.....
  • Or how about working at a corporate company, doing good, hard work, then they lay you off, and you and your family have to start all over....getting behind on your bills and just having a hard time all over again.....yeah, I have been there before....Its not a nice feeling....


I just couldn't get excited about waking up to an alarm clock everyday, disturbing my sleep, rushing in to work, breaking my back, and killing myself for a couple dollars an hour, for 20+ years, while making someone else rich, while they sit on the beach and sipping juice out of a



I know someone has to do it, but lets leave that job for the people to GIVE UP ON THERE DREAMS or for people who want to do that type of
work.......not for us. We create our own destiny. WE DON'T SETTLE.

Now, I started doing research on what I could do to become successful, and I found an industry called Network Marketing...


All I needed was an
EXTRA $1,000 a month added to working a job.


So I started learning everything that I could on the topic, then I started getting involved....

Fast Forward 5 years......

I FINALLY figured things out, I know it took me awhile, but at least I can help you do it alot quicker...


You see, in late Dec 2006, I was researching a company, joined the company in Jan 2007, and made more money than I have made over the last 5 years combined.


FINALLY, being successful while working from home was not going to take 10+ years to accomplish, with this company and the tools they have.

So what I have decided to do, other professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone wanting to become an entrepreneur, find an excellent business that not only focuses on making money, but focuses on how to live a good life, and use your Financial Education that you learn with us, to better understand what you do with the new income your going to have.


I'm basically going to show you everything I know about running a successful business, plus our team of 6 & 7 figure income earners will devote their time to you as well....


Let me tell you a True Personal Testimony!!!

I remember shortly after I retired my Realtor License at Crye-Lieke Realtors. I found a part-time job taking care of patients with mental disabilities, while running a Nutritional Supplement Business with a downline of around 400 people


We were responsible for opening up Hawaii, Spain, and were on schedule to open up the U.K.. We did over 150k in sales in less than 6 months. We were making some good money but something was missing. Most of the people at the top were making money and the money we did make, we were spending more money than we brought in each month.


I loved selling vitamins/ nutritional drinks....I Really love Tahitian Noni Juice, LOVE HIRO...LOL... Stress X, Tunguska Blast, Zango, and Amigo.... I also love to try new ones once in a while and write my testimonies about them.


The products are great but once I made money with some of these products, I didnt know what to do with that money.....( yes I was involved with those company's, and many Every time I would make some serious money, I would spend it, then I would have to come out of my own pocket to
advertise the next SMART Also, I didnt have any time for myself,


  • I was holding one-on-one meetings
  • one-on-one lunches (I would always buy people lunch and discuss business, but after lunch they would never
  • I was doing, Executive Hotel Meetings
  • Calling Leads
  • 3-foot rule (passing out business cards in the
    Malls and Grocery stores.
  • Putting fliers on cars.....(I remember my business partner and I were putting fliers on cars at a Mall, and the security guard came over and told us, that we had to go back and get all of our fliers off all of the cars. The Mall doesn't allow

I couldnt stand stocking my living room with product, but I really
disliked begging my downline to keep their auto-ship so I would keep my residual checks high...Very Stressful.


Luckily all that changed when I attracted WMI, CCPRO, Mike Dillard, Andrew Cass and Jay Kubasak into my path.


Andrew opened my eyes to a New, Powerful Business Model and Marketing System, that allowed me to Get Paid Today, instead of waiting
all month for a Tiny MLM check.

A Sales and Marketing System that sifts and sorts through all my prospects, then allows me the option to only talk with the people who are serious about changing their financial situations and enhancing their lives.

A system that allows me to plug in to advertising options such as Direct mail, postcards, applications, and many others, while I learn how to become a Master Marketer.

Also a call center that is operated by 6 & 7 figure earners, which allows the new comer to make money and close sales, while you learn how
to sharpen up your skills.
You can step up and participate in our leadership groups and start assisting new members, but only when you're
comfortable and ready.


Real case studies:

  • Sonny Pham-$34k in 3
  • Jared P. Best Month
  • Norbert O. Second
  • Michael &
    Dalila Best Month- OVER $90K
  • Eddie Russell- $3000 Second Week
  • (Your Name could be here)

Thats why I created this BlackPlanet page. This has really changed my life, and I would love to network and meet like minded people, and also to really get the word out and share my Testimony and secrets I use to have success....

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page....Look around, enjoy the videos, save me as a friend and have fun.....Bye for now



You can learn more about how I make my money and what im marketing at the website below
> Photobucket ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ - My favorite book of all time right now is The 48 Laws Of Power

The Master Key System

The Science Of Getting Rich

The Riches Man Who Ever Lived: King Solomon's Secrets To Success, Wealth, and Happiness

Wave 4

Think And Grow Rich

Why We Want You To Be Rich

Rich Dad Poor Dad

CashFlow Quadrant

Millions At The Kitchen Table

How I Retired At 26

Conversations With Millionaires

Double Your Dating




Robert Kiyosaki Explains The Biggest Secret To My Success In These 2 Videos. Must Watch **Video

The Week** The Beautiful Dani Johnson Explains The Tips She Used To Become A Successfull Multi-Millionaire With Her Home Based Business

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----------------------------- The Secret that I use to attract Optimistic People to me.

Which Will You Choose?

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ -----------------------------



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