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    Black/African American, White

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"Just another California girl with big dreams and high hopes."
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I'ma keep it simple now. My name is Bionca, Ming Juku is my alternate ego (hahaha) I'm a college student and my major is Business Admin, I wanna work in the music industry. I work 2 and a half jobs. :] Possible? yuuuuuuuup! I love love love music - I sing and play instrument(s). I love all types of music. It makes me happy, I feel like its the best thing in the world. I love hip hop like The Roots, Little Brother, Blu, Mariah Carey and Solange, J*DaVeY, Drake, to name a few. I'm obsessed with MAC Cosmetics - I have a big collection. Hello Kitty is my biatchhhhhhh, i love that ho! Mariah Carey is like my idol and I get mad when ppl talk bad about her. I rather watch movies than party. I like all types of movies forreals! I like to read, talk to my homies on my sidekick and design. I design graphics, websites and clothes. I LOVEEEEE shopping. I'm like an addict, really. I love life, even though i say i hate it a lot. I love my family and close friends to death. Itry to stay positive and keep a smile on my face, even though we live in a messed up world. God is my best friend. He always listens :] I'm pretty much a nice person, unless you come at me wrong. When I'm mad I can cuss you out super fast. DON'T TEST MEEEEE! I'm not a mexican, i'm not mixed with any types of mexican, shut up. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. oh and if i don't reply to your note, well geez no offence... but you're either too damn OLD, boring, plain, hittin me up with the same ol crap.. or just annoying me. :] be different k? oh and i'm NOT looking for anybody.



MACbook Photobooth

props to my dad for holding down the hello kitty boxes. lol

welcome to betseyville.

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