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Welcome to my page. You are more than welcome to show yourself around, look at my pics, leave a comment, send me a message or exit if you are on wastin time mode, wanna talk crazy, suffer from mental defects, act mad sensitive, wanna take %#&@$! personal, don't have a pic to show yourself or ain't got %#&@$! going on in your life! I hope you are willing to take the time to get to know me. One thing you need to know about me is that I usually don't bite my tongue for nobody, so u aware. I say what I mean and always mean what I say!!! I love and breathe music! Fitness is also a huge part of my life. 95% of my free time involves music (Hip Hop Head til the death of me!!!) either dancing, working out, singing & freestylin. I also play keyboard. Music is just like the air I breathe, I need it! Especially lately...been having insomnia, sleepin mad late & waking up real early. Music takes me away...gotta luv it :) A few words that describes me well: A little tomboyish (love my sweatpants, hats, hoodies, Timbs and kicks, I'm strictly into men tho, don't get %#&@$! twisted now!) but still can switch it up to a more feminine style & keep it grown and sexy. I'm a go getter and always get wat I want..., I'm independent, confident, ambitious and driven, creative, extremely loyal, bluntly honest, have a big sense of humor, strong-minded, street & school smart, very charismatic (some say that I'm pretty...I'm cool with that), caring, laid back and just a well rounded cool person to be around. Born in Canada & raised in the U.S.(mostly NY...Brooklyn, Brooklyn...) and it's all you gotta know for now. Grandma & a bunch of men in my fam raised me so I know what's up and what y'all about fellas lol. NY to the core...I don't play that nonsense %#&@$!! I'm the coolest chick you'll ever know or the baddest %#&@$! you'll ever meet. So what is it gon' be? You choose. Okay nuff said...most of y'all won't read this anyway so feel free to get at me. Stay blessed and remember to always put God, ur fam and real friends first! One Love!