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    April 06, 2003

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    Dana Bonds

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    High School or Equivalent

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    Blytheville, AR

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    Black/African American

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Wat up to all my bp people? My name is Dana i'm from Blytheville Ar thats not to far from Memphis Tenn. I just recently turned 21 years old so i'm really tryin to get my grown woman on its time out for none sense.I consider myself as being independent, well rounded, overrall a real woman.Im not your average 21 year old female im not for all the drama, i dont go to club unless its a special occassion, i dont smoke , i dont drink, i dont have any children so at this time im tryin to get my self established,I work monday thru friday so im not dependent at all upon a man ,but i also kno that the man is the head and he's suppose to bring home money i jus look at it as being a 50 50 thing i refuse to just sit at home all day and do nothing i wasnt raised like that . Back to my qualities: i can cook, im a very clean person i HATE filt , i do hair, i can sing a little bit(lol) and oh did i forget to say i go to church and i love going. Im lookin for a man who's GOD fearing, RESPECTful,independent, know what they want out of life , set goals and go at them full speed,Handsome,unique, loving, sweet, REAL. I want some one who's willing to cater to me and let me kno that im all he wants. im lookn for some one who knows there will be good days but also bad because with out bad days how will we appreiciate the good ones, im lookn for that man who if im sick he's willn to give up a day of fun with his friend to make sure he's woman is as comfortable as possible, i guess you can say im lookin for a real man. And if your reading this and your say i met all the standards think about it beacause its easier said then done, you have to kno that you really want it and be ready for all the obstacles that are gonna get in your way because nothing good comes without a struggle.I know for a fact im not the perfect person but you best believe that i strive for excellence in everything i do and i want some one with the same mind frame. So if you understand the qualifications and you want to discuss them get at me with a note. I really want to kno what you think im i llokin for to much or what get at me especially M.Gaston. let me know if im askin fa to much i know you gon be reall i did this jus so you could comment it so get at me. note


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