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man if u lookin at my page at least rate send a not live a comment i get tired of people jus lokking and thn get madcause i send a thanks for checking my page then u wanna send me a message saying send me a real note dont be lazy %#&@$! u send one frist or stop lookin at my page holla

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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking

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    September 23, 2006

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    Omaha, NE

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    Black/African American, Native American

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Winter is cumin


winter is cumin soon every body breaking up lookin for that new winter suggle bunny to stay warm with me am just looking to be happy tired of the same old routine every season why is it so hard for couples to stay together these days why cant men and women jus stay to gether and love one another good enough to lay up on a motherfuka but cant stay why do u need so many loveers to make u happy i dont understand it much but i like a real man for xmas a man wrap with a bow of love real and anit... (continue reading)

Good Love


Good Love How could i decribe you. Just to have you being around make me feel good. My comfort around you makes me whole.To my good love ,thanks for accepting me for how i am and not my faults. Me for me and I for you . I have a great respect for you, and from you i have learned. Just the love you give lets me know am safe.My good love thanks for making my toes curl and my legs shake and my body forefile dwith pleasure and that most of all for kissin my G spot. Given me all i need to relaxs and... (continue reading)



Dam summer her sex is in then air r u havibn trouble fine out if you wanna be single or with someone this year hard to thimk about wen there so many yeah havein that problem to trying not to hurt anyone feeling or wind up being alone . i geuss the best thing to do is play it out who will end of being you winter cuddle buuddy please responed to the story

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Male, 59, Yucca Valley, CA

Posted November 16, 2014


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