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    October 12, 2000

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    Newark, NJ

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    Black/African American

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Welcome! I`m Mr. Sasafrass
The name Mr. Sasafrass derives from a combination of the herb SASSAFRAS and the great Sammy Davis Jr.! Allow me to explain.

Once in a while, just like the rest of you`s, songs "pop" into my head. Well at that time it was the "Candyman". Now, being the creative soul I am, I wanted to "alter" the words a little to suit myself. In a split second, with a little change in the spelling and an updated persona, a mask, a cape and a very good dry cleaner, Mr. Sasafrass was born! (okay, no cape and mask. I DO have to clean my clothes though!)
Let`s see, I guess I have to at least put in a little about myself, huh? Okay, for starters, I`m a 30 year young mature kid. I have a knack for over-explaining myself (please don`t let me be misunderstood). I love a wide variety ofmusic. Most consist of:
    Hard hitting, spine tingling, hair-on-endstanding Gospel
    Dance, Trance and Electronica
    Little Country
    Oops! almost forgot Rap/Hip Hop
    Can`t forget Classical
Well like I said, "consist"! Anyway, I`m also into rollerblading. I haven`t been skating in a while because of the weather and the fact that I "popped" my left ankle......dancing, hard! LOL! I also enjoy "puttin my feet under thetable". (translation: eating out). Types of food:
    and anything that seems appealing!
Of course what`s a good meal without a good wine! My favorite:
In addition, I`m a pretty good-natured individual who loves the simple things in life.
    the moon
    green skies and blue grass
    kicking back on the computer.
    Hanging with friends/family

Let`s see, there are other things that interest me. I used to instruct an adult HTML and children`s computer graphics class at the local community college. I got a kickout of itfor a while. Now I just want my time to enjoy intimately. I like teaching more on a one-to-one basis.

Now comes the dislikes. For starters, I cannot stand:
    dying to be the center of attention
    The world owes me something
    "....because of my looks" (you know what I mean)
    dis` `cause you`re not in the "in" crowd
individuals. I know (as an artist) that your emotions are also shown through your art. So what does that say about some of the pages I see on THIS Planet? I dunno. With a statement like that I wonder how people perceive MY page. Will you let me know? Reserved? Slightly comical? Anal? LOL! Well, enjoy the rest of the page!

Come in, make yourself comfortable.

In light of Black Awareness, I`ve finally decided on content that we should be "aware" ofall the time. Just recently, my grandmother passed.Thethoughtof "rummaging" through her things didn`t seem to fascinate me, (well I guess it wouldn`t) until after I found a few pieces of her life I knew nothing about. Like the books she read.

One in particular is this one. I`ve never been too much into history, which isn`t good. But I love aquiring sources of information.

After reading afew passages, I found myself pleased with the content and especiallyhow it was relayed to me.Short spurts of many stories from different angles referring to the same subject matter.

I quickly found that this is how I could stay interested and educated, in addition to researching further the ones that interested me the most.

Don`t get it twisted. I know not all of us who recite different facts verbatim actually know what the hell we are talking about! Let alone feel what we are talking about.

This book interested me to the point that I just had to share it with the rest of the Planet.

So, sit back, enjoyand return for more facts and fiction for your reading pleasure!

Don`t forget to sign my GUESTBOOK! Lemmie know what you think and if there`s anything I could insert that would increase this "source of information" even more.

Take care and continue checking back for more interesting facts!

Before you go, please don`t forget to sign my GUESTBOOK so I can hit you back!

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