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My Friend
Growing fonder and fonder
Of you
Every meeting,
Allowing, an open presence
Of yourself
Makes Life sweeter.
Makes Life
More precious
In Time
I, grow.
More fonder
Of you
Just a down-to-earth Male with Human qualities filled with a variety of characteristics that accompanies many skills of which I share openly to the World of Networking.To know me is to find me and to find me you must first acknowledge my presence as a friend. Friends share and stay in touch and make contact. As we all know and have experienced along our paths, that every person that crosses our path will not be around as we would like them to be. To move from one stage of life is growth in the right direction after accepting that we have a Past that may not be beautiful. Leaving our Past is to move to the present. To live in the present allows space for a promising Future only after we have acknowledged that living One Day A A Time brings about Happiness, Success and a Peace of Mind. Keeping in mind that, through God, All things are possible.

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Love Me For Who I Am As I Am


I Am LoveI am beautiful.If I am beautiful,Would you step on me?If I am beautiful,Would you crush me?If I am beautiful,Would you cut me?Who are you?You are beautiful.Love yourself.PreciousCan I be bought?Can I be sold?What is worth more?Am I stone?A I rough?A I hard?Do I shine?Yes! In so many words, I am all those and much more.I am me!See MeSee me as I am,Not for what I'm not.See me and you shall see,The likeness of me in you.For, I am with you.Always knowing youIs beautiful.For, I am also... (continue reading)

God Is My Strength


Don't worry bout a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright. Don't worry, cause God got all thingsLife of every Human Being in his hands on this Earth. He is watching our every move and all that we do. He makes the waves in the lakes, seas and oceans roar and move about. He can calm them with the word of his mouth and move them with the breath of his nostrils. Don't fool yourself. Time is upon every person who breathes the Breath of Life. This breath is a privelege to have and use for... (continue reading)

Speakin Out


A Message of MessagesLife is what we make it to be an all everlasting hope that we carry on our minds from birth to infinity. We live our dreams daily hoping and praying that all will come to pass only to fail along our jouney of hopes falling into the Path of Righteousness and longing for our Tomorrow to hurry and get here, for we are tired and ready to be pulled into our realm of life's winding promises in the light of it all.

New Friend


Goodness is great mercy is nice love is beautiful peace is lasting in those who want desire long and need the Human Touch from by another or someone not afraid to be themselves with another. My New Friend is all that and much more. Touching the door of my heart standing at my door knocking and in a small whisper just loud enough for me to hear and understand that their call is beckoning my way and only directed to me. My decision now waits in the balances of my heart pounding so loudly against... (continue reading)

*My Friends (Idea,Wish,Desire,Plan,Action...Reality)


Greetings to all my friends here on Blackplanet. Here FROM MY HOME i WRITE THESE WORDS OF COMFORT AND SHARING TO YOU IN HOPES THAT WHAT YOU ARE DOING at THIS VERY MOMENT WITH YOUR LIFE IS YOUR DREAM AND THAT THIS DREAM OF YOURS IS FULFILLING ALL YOUR HOPES AND WISHES FROM DAYS PAST. Continuing on this path may or may not be right for you pending upon how much effort and push you have put forward in this project of yous which some of your dreams are real and others just fantasy waiting to explode... (continue reading)

With Time, I Rise


Growing old with age is growing wise in life. I find that I am becoming more deeper in life obtaining knowledge of life that never was. With age comes learning about what happened, what is going on now and being aware of changes that are going to take place due to the many mistakes and same repeated patterns of socalled failure. Some call past mistakes failures. I just know from my life experiences that I have become more alert, my faith has increased and also my beliefs are evaluated with high... (continue reading)

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