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wat it d0 %#&@$!3z diz all3ya ally shan3qua ziz i luv diz gurl w3 luv to hangout at sko0l nd w3 both hav3 stupid b0yfri3ndz but w3 th3r3 for 3ach 0th3r zh3 my 3v3rything w3 luv t0 do stuff t0g3th3r w3 lyk t0 lizt3n t0 t3chn0 nd danc3 in klazz wit th33 %#&@$!3z:) w3r3 v3ry kl0z3 nd w3 liv3 kloz3 by 3ach 0th3r nd th33 oth3r %#&@$!3z luv nd ch3rizh diz whol3 but w3 all luv h3r z0 much nd kar3 about diz l0z3r o ya zh3 lykz t0 kall 3v3ry0n3 loz3rz:) h3y p30pl3 diz iz selena gomez nd im fri3ndz wit shanequa she really nic3 to m3 nd szw33t to 0th3rz nd w3r3 bff juzt lyk m3 nd d3mi nd i luv h3r z0 i g0tta g0 im buzy nd i luv u shan3qua tak3 kar3:) th3 cullenz nd voltori h3y shan3qua w3 luv u bk u r bigg3zt fan of twilight nd w3 hav3 b33n buzy alot but w3 w0uld luv t0 hang wit u nd w3 luv u alwayz nd w3 n3v3r f0rg3t about u tak3 kar3:) sh3z funny nd go0fy nd hyp3r in sko0l nd sh3 lykz to pinch m3 0n my n3ck nd i do bck t0 h3r i luv diz gurl may b3 funny but sh3z ko0l in th33 insid3 nd sup3r in th33 outsid3:) watz up putoz diz iz 3rika hacking th33 %#&@$!3 pag3 i luv diz l0z3r dumb azz sh3z my world i kar3 about th33 hom3gurl sh3z alwayz th3r3 for m3:) dont %#&@$! wit th33 hom3gurl or iwil b3at yall az putaz:) WAT IT D0 %#&@$!3Z DIZ GABRIELA A=K=A GABBY %#&@$!3Z ND DIZ IZ M3 HACKIN TH3 %#&@$! PAG3 ZO D0NT G3T IT TWIZT3D WGOL3 I LUV DIZ GURL ZO DONT %#&@$! WIT WHOL3Z U H3AR M3 BK SH3Z NIC3 SZW33T LUVABL3 %#&@$!:) LUV YA LADY LUZT AKA SHANEQUA MY %#&@$! ND MY 3V3RYTHING WHOL3Z:) kk paste this some were lol hey pple this karen shea the best person in the world lol... so wat can i say bout tis loser lol... she pretty kul lol... shes nice.... omg she the only girl i have met tat is shorter then me she i rock lol..... she is a kul friend lol... even though i find it weird tat she has a lot of pics of me its ok... heheheheheh... she is one of the nicst persons ive met so far lol... so yea heheh... am make this short cux short is bttr lol.. H3Y MY NAM3 IZ LONYA3 IM N3QUA KOZZO I LUV H3R W3 LUV TO PLAY GAM3Z AT H3R H0UZ3 WH3N W3 GO 0V3R TH3R3 ND SUMTIM3Z W3 DRIV3 H3R INSAN3 SUMTIM3Z BUT M3 MY BROTH3R ND SIST3RZ DONT M3AN T0 W3 JUZT WANNA HA3 SUM FUN WIT H3R........... N3QUA I LUV U................. N3QUA U AR3 TH3 B3ZT!!!!!!!!!!!! H3Y YAL %#&@$!3Z DIZ IZ MY HOM3GURL 0RALE I LUV DIZ GURL TO D3ATH ND W3R3 BFF ND W3 KAR3 ABOUT 3ACH OTH3R ND SH3 R3AL NIC3 T0 TAK TO ND ZSW33T TO 0TH3RZ!!!!!!!!! W3 TAK TO 3ACH 0TH3R SUMTI3Z!!!!!!!!! SH3Z DOWN TO 3ARTH ND THATZ WAT I LYK ABOUT H3R ALOT THAT SH3 QUIET ND ZSW33T ND V3RY KIND ND SH3 LUVZ TO PARTY AL0T ND DRINK ND LUV AL H3R FRI3NDZ NO MATT3R WAT******************** DONT %#&@$! WIT H3R I M3AN IT %#&@$!3Z***************** D0NT HAT3 ON H3R**************** H3Y MY BONNI3 IM SHANEQUA MOM YAL B3T N0T HURT H3R AT AL SH3Z R3AL ZSW3ET ND I LUV H3R MOR3 THAN ANYTHING YAL LITTL3 AZZ B3T N0T NOT %#&@$! WIT H3R R I WILL HUNT YAL DOWN YAL H3R3 M3 DIZ IZ MY BABY ND N3Q IZ TO NIC3 T0 P3OPL3 AL SH3 WAT IZ TO M33T N3W FRI3NDZ ND THATZ IT YAL 0K3Y S0 YAL B3T NOT HURT AT SKO0L YAL H3R3 M3!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Friend Well I Think Shes ! Rock Them Socks Hahaha [Mi BD Olqa Owns And Only Her And Hector Owns Now)Taken So You Guys Better Back Off And Respect That Hehehe Well And Is Shes Not Then Get To Know Her But You Guys Better Treat Her Riqht Or Ill Break Your Face Hahaha Yes Ill Break It Well If You Want To Get To Know Her Hit Her Up Well Im Out!!!! Heres Your hack Idk Why But I Couldnt Send It In A Messaqe h3y people this is lyric yal all know shanequa yea shes the worst frist we were friends than we were enimez than we were friendsit keep goin well her stupid self self is selfesh but we friends so dont talk about her that much but a little bit ya

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