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    Would-be friends should view my page first; I rarely accept
as friends those who make requests for friend-links who
haven't first written to me saying specifically why, describing
something on my page. Too many "requests" are just
spammed out to anybody by people looking to advertise
themselves, yet they don't know me at all and never see
my profile-page.


-=o=-   -=o=-   -=o=-


Champion athlete
wants to coach a track star


    I'd like a slim athletic lady of Africana
genetics to explore life, adventure.  You study,
extend your limits, compete in athletics, to be
creative, exploring interests.  With no tattoos or
straight blond hair, you say, "Mine's o.k. in
dreads, 'rows, or a big-cloud 'fro; my chocolate
skin needs no decoration."  I'm your guide in
track, ballet, skating, etc.  Send me a digital full-
length summer fashion pix, maybe I'll make a
macrame' fashion for you.

My ideal date: a slim coachable athlete-in-training


    It depends ... some prefer to become familiar
gradually over several dates.  Others dare to go
for satisfying their attractions right from the start.
I can go to either extreme, if she's willing to show
her feelings.  She loves herself and life, likes arts.
She "makes the first move" and sees I enjoy her
wicked passion as she dares to sit in my lap, as two
skins feel the burning drive.  She enfolds me, I hug
her and she turns to kiss over her shoulder.

A 2nd date is thus guaranteed...

    My first love (now living in a faraway city) taught
me what some women like (and then brought her
girlfriends by for threesome fun), but I can be happy
with one woman, too.  I like the outdoors, if insects
don't bother us, in the sunshine.  I'm a man of good
health, vitamins, clean and looking to be kissed.
If a girl is slim, low-riders on the hips, halter tops, all
those bare summer fashions, she can be extreme
and it's fine with me.  I make fashions that are a
complimentary decoration to the body, not hiding it.

    But I say about age, if she's mature, she's not too
young and I love to teach and share experiences...
but if she tells me she's underage, I'll think it's a
police sting and drop her.  So, if you are a thin and
lonely girl like model Alek Wek was when she left
Sudan for London, or a competitive future Venus
Williams or wanna-be track star, get discovered
by someone who can guide you, contact me today!











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    Associate Degree

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    Administrative and Support Services

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    Houston, TX

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    Black/African American, White

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