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    February 08, 2007

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    Black/African American, Native American

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Peace and Blessings, My name is NileQueenAset... Things you should think about: As you think, so shall your reality be. If you think in negative tones and rhythms of the mind, that will be your life. If you Think in positive tones and rhythms, then that will also be your life. Be grateful for that which you have even if it appears not to be enough. Someone is doing worst off than you are, and yes you could be doing better. If you want it, then manifest it. Make sure that it is for the Highest Good of All. And most of all, when you ask for it, make sure you really want what you asked for . . .One thing I know for sure: I am about Nubian Gods/ Goddesses, Kings and Queens, and Nubian love of self and helping one another. If you can't comprehend any of what I just stated, please go on to the next person. I have no time for drama!

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