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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking, Serious Dating

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    February 13, 2005

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    Minneapolis, MN

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    Native American, White

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My name is Tanya aka Tati 23 I am an Aries =). Aite yes IM SINGLE. been for awhile now im really surprised no man has caught my attention yet. or kept me intrested. I hate to admit it but im starting to hate being single. I deserve the best and i want the best nothing less. the next female or the female before me her best may be different than my "best" so dont be shy give ur self a chance with me. I aint perfect but i aint all over da place i just want a strong minded mature caring sweet devoted sincere smart clean cut loving man. to love and hold me in his arms. to have my back when i need him to give me 50/50 not 1/99 nor 49/51 i WANT ONLY 50/50 FOR NOW ON!


I tend not to be an expressive person I really don?t know why im just not an easy person to read. I am amiable at times. Mostly around my family and my close friends. Majority of the time I am self-sufficient cause I like to do things on my own. I don?t like to depend on anyone. I feel as though I am responsible for my own actions. I am VERY emotive and sensitive. I don't have many friends but the friends that I do have I love them with all my heart and will always be one call away. I hate being 2nd best in anything so in that case im very competitive. I am very precise and direct. I really don?t care what people think or have to say about what I do cause I am I and I live my own. Soooo live yours! I think positive and negative. Therefore if something negative happens, I am already equipped for the consequences. I I know I am not perfect! But who is? When I am in a relationship with a man I tend to get a little insecure and jealous, only because I?ve been stabbed in the back in the past. i want a man that can be himself around me, as well as myself. I hate being lonely, I hate going to bed alone. I love the feeling of a strong man lying up under me. The warmth, the sound, the joy, the indescribable feeling I strive for. I want a man to keep it real with me. He has to stay smelling good! Motivated! Family-orientated is a MUST! I love my family, my family is my everything. I don?t have any kids at the moment. I just haven?t found the right compatible man for me. I need a man that will be there through THICK and THIN! I need a strong-minded man. I need someone that can handle my numerous emotions. God has blessed me with the knowledge, maturity, aggressiveness, and vigilance to succeed. . Anyways, if ya?ll feel like you may be the one for me, than hit me up with a proper message because, I don?t reply to half azz messages! and be respectful



its Tanya... I put it on ya... im that deal. the one that takes ya nigga make yall relationship complicated! ha yall is neva going to be stable again!

believe dat!

im here. i get what i want! "qOt a prOblem wiit meh? ;sOlve iit. thiink ii'm triipen? ;tiie my shOesz. can't stand meh? ;SiiT D0WN_can't face me? ;turn the fxck arOund [stupiid b!tch i'm the main %#&@$!!get it yet?? ha]"-Mz Tati



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tHiiNgZ ThAt MaK3 M33H HaPPy




♥-talking on the phone all night long

♥-love songz

♥-This is why I'm HOT-MIMS

♥-kisses && hugz

♥-Having A Man 2go2 sleep N wake up next 2

♥-listeing to music

♥-indian tacos && frybread


♥-getting to know someone on a real level

♥-when its nice and cold in my room haha

♥-when he calls you in the morning just to be the first person to talk to me


♥-taking pictures

♥-meeting new people

♥-seen my mom happy makes me happy

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