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Tiffany Nicole Baker was born December 3rd 1984 to Tony and Vita Baker. Her grandmother the late Norma Jean Taylor (MotherDear), was a gospel psalmist/worshiper and had her singing at church at the age of 2. Her father is a noted singer/musician/producer. At age 3, the family moved to California where she was put in local dance groups. She fell in love with performing in front of large crowd with her grandmother and at age 5, she performed with her dance group and rapper Positive K at a Juneteenth celebration in Oceanside, Ca in 1990. And from there it was ON!!

"R U The Girl" YES!
I was in sitting at home one day, (in College in Atlanta) and the casting call commercial came on and it said "R U the Girl" and I said of course I am. I really don't even watch TV so, I know it was GOD. TLC, wow, one of my favorite girl groups in the world. They are off the chain. Let me clear some things up: first of all, most people just saw what they aired on TV, some said the show was fixed, that they already knew me because I lived in Atlanta. What you did not see was there were several auditions. By the time it came to pick the nine for the house, we were cut down from thousands that auditioned. The house was crazy, sexy, cool. I never want to live with nine females in a house again. Lol. But, I get a long with people, I am a peacemaker.

T-Boz and Chili, I thank them for picking me. They were great to work with. Even though Left-Eye was my favorite, she was the crazy one, the rapper, full of energy.


I wish she was alive and they had some kind of show, I would have loved to work with her. She wrote all her own lyrics she was original (like me). The people that know me before the show knows how I am, I stay on the grind, especially with my choreography. I would hunt shows down for me and my dancers. I love to perform.

I won the opportunity to be on the single "I Bet" with my favorite girl group TLC, to be featured on there greatest hits album. If you don't have it go get it.

MY Music:
I have been working on my solo project for a long time, my first single is 'Slumber Party' off the soon to be released 'PINK' album August/Sept 2008.

My sound varies per song, I love to rap and sing, and I allow the beat to move me to write something hot. So you determine the sound. I call it original. I'm like no other because I have no twin. No, I am in no way trying to sound, look or be like Left Eye. I'm an individual, with a unique sound and energy of my own. In short I'm blessed.

I have worked with some of the best producers in the industry with more to come. I am always open to a Hott track.

When is the album coming out? SOON. It is almost finished. I am always writing and performing, so I have new material that I like. I am growing.

Do you talk to T-Boz and Chili? T-Boz, No. But Chili keeps in touch all the time, she hung out with me when I was in Atlanta. We're cool.

What have I been doing since the show? Writing, writing, writing, performing, staying on the grind.

Do you have a boyfriend? There is someone I am interested in, we both live busy lives, in short I am working on ME, staying focused and making it happen.

What is next for you? Hopefully, a number one album, movies, endorsements, I am an entertainer so all stage performances, I want it all in Jesus name.

My choreography, I want to set up a choreography tour and hit almost every city in the US lol (I teach hip hop and jazz), look for it in a city near you.

Did you do a song with Chris Brown? Yes/No. The Chris Brown remix, was done by DJ Judgemental and DJ Great Scott, It was on a mix tape CD. I have never met Chris Brown but I like his music. I think it is great!! I was asked to lay some vocals and I did. footage of last show . The last show was amazing, we honestly did not know who won I was nerves and ready to show the world I was supposed to be there. Thank you to all my fans that love and support me.



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