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    August 18, 2007

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    Amityville, NY

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    Black/African American

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Peace and Ancestral Blessings family. I hosted an online radio talk show with my beloved Co-Host, T'Boogz ("oo" pronounced like the "U" in "Sugar") called: "Our Perspective." On this show we covered all sorts of issues and topics affecting the African-American/Black Community along with current events, some political news and views, covered international news from the African Diaspora coming from The Motherland as well as our family in the Caribbean. We played the BEST in socially conscious Hip-Hop, Classic Hip-Hop, Classic R&B, Roots and Culture Music and began to play more African music and songs DEDICATED to Africa! We ALSO featured the works of and interviewed independent socially conscious Hip-Hop artists, spoken word artists, and Roots & Culture Bands to help give them some shine! We reformatted the show so we can also introduce and feature more black owned businesses whether they have a physical location or an online business, it doesn't matter! Our people NEED TO KNOW they're there! More importantly on our show, we discussed viable solutions or potential solutions TO the community ills we face daily. It's absolutely counter-productive and down right foolish, that in the 21st century that we're continuously trying to "identify" problems as if one, we DON'T know what they are, and two, with out at LEAST TRYING to come up with a solution TO it. But NO, our people want to have MORE meetings to have MORE conferences and MORE conferences to have yet MORE meetings and NOTHING gets done, precious money, time and energy is wasted and we go RIGHT back to our communities with a temporary "I just came back from a conference" high, and you're in NO better position (or your community 4 that matter), than before you WENT to the damn thing! So for those of you who are SERIOUS about making REAL change that's LONG overdue and very much needed, you're more than welcome to post any problem or issue facing our people and also what YOU believe to be a potential solution to that problem. if you have no idea, we must work in the spirit of UMOJA (unity) and UJIMA (collective work and responsibility) to figure OUT the solutions! One person does NOT have all the answers! The self proclaimed, SO-CALLED "black leadership" has failed us! MISERABLY might I add! I say "so-called" because I don't remember us having an election in the black community voting for mainstream black leadership! Do you?! So those in the "national spotlight positions" put themSELVES there, cuz WE didn't! We NEED and are working on a NEW movement for the 21st century! THAT'S our present focus and it begins right HERE with YOU, The "Our Perspective" extended family! In any case, feel free to let us know what YOU'D like to hear discussed on the show as well. Now....why did I write this in the past tense? Simple. Blog Talk Radio has reformatted their website so that unless you're paying $40 a month, you can't really do a quality show. So everything you read, we DID do. can still go to our page on Blog Talk Radio and listen to all the shows we did over a three year period. They're all archived, so you can listen at your leisure. I'm on Facebook at:!/pro file.php?id=100000179306359 and that's my personal page under the name: "Efunbemi." Our Perspective Radio ALSO has a fan page on Facebook, so you can hit us up there. Be safe, stay positive and stay focused family! See ya soon! Alafia! Uhuru!

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