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    June 11, 2011

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    Annandale, VA

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Hello BP,

My name is Ron, I decided to use BP, because I saw it as a positive platform to communicate with the world. If this recession hasn't taught you anything, it's reemphasized something I've always known for along time. First God is Good, Second today we are our worst enemies and Nothing Can Hold You Back If You Have the Right Attitude. In order to get what you want out of life, you must have a plan that's written, shared with your team member and committed to daily. No one can make it by themselves and be effective,it takes discipline,commitment and respect from one another to accomplish these goals.Are you committed to what you really believe in? Can you make a difference in your community? How will you be remembered as a benefit or hindrance to society? We all have choices; Be Accountable for Your Actions.We all know right from wrong. Be a positive role model to all children so, that the World can Respect  You as a Leader. Make Your Legacy Count, You Only Have One Live To Live, Make the Best of It.

I'd like to see a day where the whole world eats on the same day, I feel Everyone Wants Better For Their Families. I'm not here to find a women. I Love it when we help people Win.All we have to do is listen to each other and share.The world today is very negative, President Obama has allowed EVERYONE to see That Ain't Nothing Holding Us Back. Oprah,Bill Cosby,Bill Gates, Warren Buffet to name a few are in classes by themselves, teaching the world TRUE PHILANTHROPY.Inspiring us all to give back to the world.For We Are ALL Citizen of Planet Earth.These leaders are know better than you or I, We Can Make A Difference, If we stop being selfish and stop feeling sorry for ourselves. Find a Mentor that you can emulate, it takes hard work and discipline. NOTHING IN LIFE IF FREE, THERE'S ALWAYS A CATCH.

Find a Partner Who Believes in God and Loves Himself. Women you must do the same. You not going to find the right partner in a nightclub, go to a event that has meaning to your life that you Value, you'll have a better chance of finding MR or MRS Right. It's great talking to someone with alcohol or drugs to impair your thought process. 

Why Can't We Speak Positively About Each Other.If you have no respect for your Parents or Elders, how can you have Respect for Yourself. Remember when you go to work or your business, that you're competing with the World. Service Counts, don't take these Blessing for Granted. If you stop educating yourself in today world then you will truly suffer the consequences if life and always feel that economical struggle. If you had a choice of $ 7.50 per hr or $ 150.00; what would you do without selling your integrity, family, community or self down the river. To many people are in jail for Bad Choices. Be a Real Friend Tell People What They Need to Honestly. It's time to look at people spiritual connection with God and Not Lust; for each and every time you end up in the same predicament. When do you start where wearing that Great Smile you have everyday, because Smiling and Being Happy is contagious. Let's make a difference to all the people we meet throughout the World.


I want to share information that allows all to serve God First and Tithed our 10% to the World. This can Truly Be Accomplished if we all try to discover new ways to better ourselves. Use Positive Affirmations Daily.Take Charge of the Words That Come Out Your Mouth, Be A Responsible Leader,The World Needs Our Love, this is the only way; we  can make an impact on the whole world. The World today is No Longer Black and White. Organizations like the Tea Party Set Us Back 100 years.


I'd like for you to   continue supporting,Blackenterpris,,Crackingthemillion; to name a few internet sources out there making a difference.There is allot of positive information in the world;share with others so,we can make an impact and improve the communities we live in. It doesn't hurt to volunteer and get involved for it takes a Team Effort to improve the World we live in. Don't count on the Politicians, stand up for what you believe in, Lead your own Team and fight for your own values and rights. To many People have Sacrificed their lives for us to stop now.

By the way I Love Metrology ( Calibrating Standards and Test Equipment ) Real Estate,International Clubs Flying Airplanes, and Boating.

  Harambee ( Let Us Pull Together )

        Ron Gary Enterprises

God Bless and Be Safe


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Female, 43, Greenville, NC

Posted October 05, 2012



Female, 38, Navasota, TX

Posted October 04, 2012

thanks for the invite.