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Inspiring and encouraging writer, poet, and blogger on love and relationships. Author of When Faith is Shaken and The Book of Hearts.

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Made For Me


When the white clouds in your sky turn gray,When you feel like there's no more sunny days,When it seems to always rain on your parade,And this world causes your happiness to fade,Your tears they're made for me.When you're afraid to walk into the dark,When the light on the other side seems too far,When you're walking into the unknown,When you don't realize your limit is the stars,Your fears they're made for me.When you think about love in the past,When think about how you always came... (continue reading)

A Tired Woman


The more chances I give; the more chances you takeI can't continue to live with your same old mistakesI'm tired of accepting apologies for the things you do to meThe more you say I'm sorry, the harder it is to believeHow could you apologize and be sorry over and over againIf you were really apologetic; the sorry days would endI'm tired of being a woman who's tired of a manThat doesn't know when good love is in his handsI'm tired of living a lie; pretending like everything is alrightBut when I... (continue reading)

Self Worth & Self Love


All women and men really need to understand this; you can't fly high in true love until self love has truly landed. If you don't love yourself, how could you look at someone else and demand it? If you don't know your worth, you could cheat yourself out of what you deserve, and love may never go the way that you planned it. No one can set a better example of how to treat you better than you can. If you attempt to give your love away when selflove and selfworth are not present; your heart... (continue reading)

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