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    March 31, 2010

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    Black/African American

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POST BLACK: How A New Generation is Redefining African American Identity (Lawrence Hill Books) is my new critically acclaimed book that's sparking dialogue across the country! I wrote this book because so many people are ignoring the new diversity in our community, hanging on to dated practices and ideas in a time that demands innovation. As a journalist I saw some of this burgeoning change up close, but few knew what to do about it and others found it to be downright confusing! The failure to recognize this new diversity or "the invisibles" was causing serious problems. Post Black speaks to the new diversity in African American culture in an era of opportunity and change built on the legacy of the past. While many people are talking about post racial and the end of power and race, I argue that we're in a "post black" era in which people are trying to understand the evolving Black American culture. Meet the "invisibles" the Gen X and Y professionals, artists, spiritualists, GLBT, community, immigrants and more who are among those reshaping black identity today. My book takes a look at the generation gap, neofeminism, Talented 10th, multicultural identity, and the impact of President Obama. So check it out!

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Male, 45, Vallejo, CA

Posted July 08

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Male, 57, Dallas, TX

Posted May 03, 2013

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Male, 26, Spring Valley, NY

Posted February 19, 2013

Hears Some Classic Blues...4U with links to dj4aday(R&B)old school, 4Children, Classical, Country, Gospel, Jazz, Reggae-Salsa, Rock, Poetry. All on BP. More music on(GUESTBOOK)page.


Male, 55, Baltimore, MD

Posted January 23, 2013

I hope U had a great Birthday Day Pretty Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Male, Age Private, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands

Posted December 07, 2012


You are beautiful
Not only because of the curve of your hips
Or the shape of your body
Not only because of the fullness of your lips
Or the curl of your eye lashes

You are beautiful because you want to be
You are beautiful because God made you that way
You are beautiful because your eyes
There is no one more beautiful than you

You are beautiful because you have a heart
And that is a beautiful thing
You are beautiful because you have a brain
And that is a beautiful thing
You are beautiful because you give advice
And that is a beautiful thing

You are beautiful because you want to be
You are beautiful because God made you that way
You are beautiful because in your eyes
There is no one more beautiful than you

You are beautiful because you have confidence
You are beautiful because you have determination and wit
You are beautiful because you have goals and you plan to reach them
You are beautiful because your always there to lend a helping hand . . . . . . . . . { You are beautiful because in my eyes }
There is no one more beautiful than you. . . . . { A Private Friend } ~ MATRIX ~


Male, Age Private, Ghana

Posted October 13, 2012

was up


Male, 37, Ghana

Posted September 27, 2012

i fancy u


Male, 55, Brandywine, MD

Posted August 28, 2012

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Male, Age Private, Tucson, AZ

Posted July 30, 2012

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Unspecified, Age Private, Bronx, NY

Posted April 26, 2012

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