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    February 05, 2008

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    Philadelphia, PA

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    Black/African American

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Boys v.s. MEN !!


Boys versus Men Boys are students Men are teachers, Boys are consumers Men are producers, Boys play with toys Men work with tools, Boys grow old Men grow up, Boys break things Men make things, Boys ask questions Men give answers, Boys are disruptive Men bring order, Boys run in gangs Men organize teams, Boys play house Men build homes, Boys shack up Men get married, Boys make babies Men raise children, Boys wont raise their own children Men will raise his and someone elses, Boys invent excuses... (continue reading)



Life is too short to sweat the small things .learn from the past move on ..Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love TRULY, Laugh uncontrollably, and Never regret Anything that made you Smile !! Like the birth of your children....LOL

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Sorry had to redo page from Pvteye919 -been on BP since 2001...BP closed that Acct

MOTTO FOR 2008 - Year of No More Drama

Welcome to Dollar's World !! a Rare Commodity

Dreamy Outstanding Lover Lovingly Administering Rapturous Backrubs and Intense, Lustful Licking
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Mr. Dollar
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I'm an Investigator of Insurance Fraud & have been in the business for 14yrs. I work in PA,/NJ/NY/MD/DE and on occasion other states. Have done Undercover work, Bounty Hunting, Credit Card Fraud, Surveillance, Missing Persons -specialty, Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect cases. Workaholic at times. Main thing about me I'm Down to Earth & a REALIST. Alot of woman consider me a RARE COMMODITY. See I'm a Retired Playa that has gotten that out my system. When I was Child I though as a child when I became a MAN I put away childish things (like cheating).

Working on a book (2008-2009) on Black Male/Female relationships from a retired playas perspective. Topics such as choosing a COMPATIBLE COMPANION & stop settling, Qualities of a Good Man/Woman, how to avoid the trap & game playing, etc to name a few. See God blessed me with 5 beautiful daughters and I believe he did that so that I would RESPECT woman more than I did. Actually grew up at 35, now 39.

I'm Intelligent, Understanding, Respectful, Honest, Loyal, Not an alcoholic or drug user, nor Abusive physical or mentally, HIV negative (tested once a year) Gainfully employed, Sense of Humor, Lover & a Fighter to protect my Queen, Gentleman, Loving to right woman , Romantic, Man of My Word, and Good Listener. Give Great massages too :) 19

FYI:MY" "COMPATIBLE COMPANION" has to be: Down to Earth, Sexy, Sophisticated, Honest/Loyal, Intelligent, Loving, Caring, Supportive, Respectful, has a sense of humor, has a SMILE that brightens my rainy days,well proportinate, Spiritual but not spooky, Street smart but not Ghetto, cant forget knows how to cook & enjoy cooking, A FREAK like me. Most of all keeps me Very HAPPY and knows how to keep me that way. With a Peace of Mind !!

Thanks for all the Love Ladies : ) Networking is how to go about building up Our Black Community with Respect for our Woman who have continued to Support us(men) when most of us DONT deserve it !!

NO PHOTO = NO REPONSE !! (I straight delete those msgs) Feel free to leave comment or sign my Guestbook !!

**UPDATE as of 4/12/08 -Thank u, Thank in advance for all the comments, msgs, Guestbook post, Gifts etc.ÂÂ&nbs p; Believe it or not have over 30,000 notes and i still work, spend time with daughters, my Queen and working on book. So forgive me if I dont respond to you quickly. One Love

Brother is working on website for me for a newsletter when Book comes out.

I love spending time with my daughters who are my joy. I love to play pool (3rd love), go to plays, movies, comedy shows, travel, concerts, & amusement parks. I listen to alot of R&B, hip-hop and occassional oldies & Jazz. I DJ in spare time & make own CDs. I'm known to talk through music. Last but not least: I have NO baby-mama drama, my daughters are with my ex-wife & we dont have any animosity towards each other. From Brooklyn, NY (Bed Stuy) now living in Philly since 1/2006 Have over 400 Personal DVD collections which My Queen  & I can sit home and relax and watch movies holding each other. ONE LOVE
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Your strength: Well developed stability and confidence

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Female, 45, East Saint Louis, IL

Posted July 08, 2014

My Friend vonni told me about these miracle tabs CNN that make your magic stick much bigger, I want to tell my friends I am living proof this stuff works, been on it for 34 so far, not only am I longer but much thicker too. Here is the link to the report about it

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