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I don't really like these. I am more of a vocal person. But here is a little about me:  I am 28 yrs old, brown eyes, silly as hell but know when to be serious. Singing is my #1 passion, I like to dance, eat, play pool, and music is my life. Don't let my age fool you. when it comes to music, i can go back a little ways.  The main question that I am asked is "Why are you on BP?" Well, the answer to that is "I am on here to make some friends {males & females}." Um....anything else you would like to know, just ask.


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    January 22, 2009

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    Birmingham, AL

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give some info on get'n your main squeeze back wit out do'n the same ole thing over and over.Well, it depends on what you have already done. I don't know your situation but I will say this. Be creative. If you have taken himher out to dinner, take them again but this time take them to dinner in another city. Only you know your situation, only you know what you have done. If you do it again just make them fall inlove withyou again.Do you know how wonderful it is to have a man call you in the... (continue reading)



I just introduced myself to this guy who i had been checking out for a few months and we went out for the first time last night. He has it going on mentally and i am somewhat intimidated although i'm not too bad myself. I have never engaged in such conversation as i did with him because the men i am used to have been worthless, whereas him he is highly educated and starting his own business. So tell me, how do i conversate with him without feeling as if i am not worthy?I learned this a long time... (continue reading)

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Need to SPICE things up a bit at home. we BOTH freaks to our hearts, but I am just tired all the time I need to BLOW his? um mind.. yeah.. so what do you suggest?There is a place, don't know if you have any where you are or not or even if you have heard of it, called Spencers. I go in there all the time. If you haven't, check 'em out. They have everything. and i mean EVERYTHING, to keep spice in anything. Try some of the costumes they have, nurses, police officer, etc. Then if that's not you... (continue reading)

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