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    February 16, 2000

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    Healthcare - Medical & Dental Practitioners

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    Over $200,000

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    Baton Rouge, LA

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    Black/African American

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What's up BP? Yeah, I know, I've been a member for sometime, but I have been very inactive. Now it's time to take BP more seriously. Trying to spread positive health messages wherever and whenever I can. They (young people) call me "Tha Hip Hop Doc" because I use music and medicine to teach them about health issues. Check out my website at so you can learn a little more about what it is I do. You can also check me out in I Am A Father- book edited by David Manuel that celebrates African American fatherhood; Not In My Family: AIDS in the African American Community edited by Gil Robertson featuring Hil Harper, Jasmine Guy, Calvin Butts; and later in October or early November on BET doing a one hour show on sexual health. I will tell you more about that later.So holla at ya boi. More to come from "Tha Hip Hop Doc" aka H2D!

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