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Rev. Al Sharpton is one of most-renowned civil rights leaders in the country. He has been praised by President Obama, who calls him “the voice of the voiceless and a champion for the downtrodden”, and Former President George W. Bush has said of him “Al cares just as much as I care about making sure every child learns to read, write, add and subtract.” Rev. Sharpton is the founder and President of the National Action Network (NAN), a not-for-profit, civil rights organization based in Harlem, New York with over 45 chapters nationwide. He is a leader around the issue of education and the fight to ensure that America brings equity to an educational system that, 54 years since Brown v. Board of Education, continues to fail its highest-need students.

Rev. Sharpton is also a nationally-syndicated radio host, T.V. personality and columnist, with three popular radio shows broadcasted throughout the country, a regular television show featured on TV One, and a column that appears in national newspapers and is facing syndication.

Rev. Sharpton was educated in New York public schools and attended Brooklyn College. He has an honorary degree from A.P. Bible College.




Rev. Sharpton sends letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to seek meeting regarding Rush Limbaugh’s potential bid to buy St. Louis Rams


March 4, 2012 - March 9, 2012:
Join Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network on the historic march from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery, Alabama to protest voter suppression and anti-immigration laws.

Be a part of history and the future.

For more detailed information please visit


NAN is one of the leading Civil Rights organizations in the nation with over 45 chapters around the country. NAN works extensively to promote a modern Civil Rights agenda which includes a standard of decency for all people regardless of race or sex, social justice for all communities, and improvement of race relations. Through the years, NAN has served as a megaphone for the voiceless and an advocate for those in need.  We have taken on issues relating to voter registration, education, and police misconduct.


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Female, 37, Bryan, TX

Posted March 10, 2016



Male, 59, Staten Island, NY

Posted July 08, 2014

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Female, Age Private, Aurora, IL

Posted July 08, 2014

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Male, 63, Winston Salem, NC

Posted October 04, 2013

Happy Be-Lated Birthday Rev. Al...I watch or record your show on MSNBC all the time. Keep up the good work!


Male, 67, Arlington, VA

Posted September 30, 2013

not comment but a greeting, may you have the day of your life on the day of birth NJOY!!!


Female, 62, Minneapolis, MN

Posted September 27, 2013

Happy birthday to you!!!!


Female, Age Private, Los Angeles, CA

Posted August 17, 2013

Rev. Sharpton, I know you can make a difference in this issue for we all are Marissa and or Trayvon Martin

Another Florida case of "Stand your ground" didn't get the same verdict and outcome as The Trayvon vs. Zimmerman trial. We should ALL be outrage that we continuously are being convicted differently due to the color of our skin. We are asking President Obama for a pardon for Marissa Alexander due to the facts that 5.3 million women are abused each year, 1,232 women each year are killed by an intimate partner, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women, an estimated 5.3 million cases of domestic violence occur among U.S. women 18 and older each year, resulting in nearly 2 million injuries and deaths. On average, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in the U.S. Based on all these facts, Marissa had every right to fear for her life and "stand her ground".She went in after getting her gun from her car & went back in to the house because her children were in there. No mother would leave her kids with a man who has the nerve to put his hand on her, if he is capable of doing that he is capable of doing anything. She is a mother 1st and foremost, there to protect her children and herself by standing her ground. Standing her ground should have been allowed. She by the way only shot a warning shot up in the garage, not hurting her husband. We're asking president Obama for her "Pardon". Obama has every right to exercise his authority on special injustices like these. (please pass this out to all BP men and women so she can get the justice she deserves).

Further more:I was asked to be a part of the dinner with the now President Obama before his first election with one of my Blog about "Obama being Our next waiting to Exhale moments" and I being a battered woman myself,I am calling on president Obama to be Marissa's next waiting to exhale moment and stop the injustice being done to women and the injustices like Trayvon Martin and many other cases because enough is enough. We all are Trayvon Martin and we all must make a stand NOW. STOP The American injustice that still exist in America. Right one wrong and clear up one American injustice by granting Marissa Alexander a Pardon because I too could be Marissa Alexander and or Trayvon Martin (Look on youtube under her name for details)


Male, Age Private, Bronx, NY

Posted December 22, 2012

Dear Al you and I have history through my uncles and and individual Ann McDuffie you and Uncle AC and Benjamin Cawthon have history with Martin Luther King jr. I would like to someday meet you


Male, 41, Dothan, AL

Posted October 03, 2012

Greetings Mr Sharpton I tahnk you for all your contributions to justice of the African American people in the great nation. I am a veteran of 15 years in the US Army and was courtmartial for recieveving oral sex from a white female that lied a court and with a white judge and white jury panel tthe military threw my in prison for two years and dishonorable discharged me fro the same thing Bill Clinton done. Me and my family has spent all of our saving to pay lawyers and at this point we're at the appeals level . I would petition your assistance if your not to involve in some other pernant case or injustice. I can be contacted on yahoo at or on here I would like to contact you by phone to discuss issues that the government screwed me over on. May God touch your soul to help a fallen Soldier to injustice seeking justice.


Female, 55, Atlantic City, NJ

Posted August 11, 2012

Too many gone now......The children need your help....
They are the future

~HUGS not Bullets~

Patricia Alston
aka Babygirl

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