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Male, 48, Waldorf, MD

Posted July 08

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Female, 51, Atlantic City, NJ

Posted June 21, 2012

That really is a beautiful pose of you on your yoga mat. You can see your inner beauty shine thru. Many blessings.... Pat


Male, 31, New York, NY

Posted February 16, 2012

Hey u what's up??


Male, 24, Bronx, NY

Posted December 07, 2011

check out my video below. This video is about
me living with my (Systemic Lupus with nephritic Syndrome)
Sickness from almost dying to now, having my own business;
thanks to God. =XlPnFsJ8pXA



Male, Age Private, Columbus, OH

Posted September 09, 2011

mad love to my bp friend!! ;) back at me ma!


Male, Age Private, Columbus, OH

Posted September 07, 2011

comein to see if ur ok!! ;)


Male, 38, Valdosta, GA

Posted June 10, 2011

Thanks for the add gorgeous.


Male, Age Private, Brooklyn, NY

Posted May 09, 2011

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Male, 30, Greenville, SC

Posted April 17, 2011

Hey, beautiful. I just, wanted to, say hi, and thanks! For being so, sexy! lol ~*Muah*~

_______?Sexy?Sexy?Sexy?Sexy?Se xy
_______?Sexy?Sexy?Sexy?Sexy?Se xy?S
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_______ Sexy?


Male, Age Private, Hackensack, NJ

Posted March 08, 2011

Stopping thru to show some love hope all is well with you!

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