SAIYANKING So many of these chicks on here want to be married yet so vey few of them want to actually be wives. delusional - August 31, 2014 add/view comments (0)

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I guess i need to Reiterate this even above My Anti Fag disclaimer, cause its seems they have gotten the message and i No longer receive as many fag hits as back in the day.. So once again DO NOT SEND ME A FRIENDS REQUEST UNLESS WE HAVE SPOKEN!!! the logic behind this is pretty simple #1 with so many spammers and cyber %#&@$!s on this site, its time consuming picking between who's real and who's not.. 2ndly.. if you cant tell by my current friendslist. im not here to win a popularity contest. even in real life ive NEVER been one to care about the Quantity but Quality , i id rather have 10 pple on my friends list that i can converse with or hail up once in a while.. vs 500 nobodys who just view me as points to their supposed "popularity".Selah.

Fags Kick Rocks. Alrite i guess its time for an update date is 12/7/11 time is 2:38pm were do i start.... Ive been a member since 98 and honestly BP has really let this site down, its no longer geared towards its members but only for its advertisers, why you will see every single page you click laced with some Sorta Ad its annoying and ridiculous, truly it is a sad case, Y am i still here then is the obvious question lol i ask myself that a coupla times. i guess it has alot to do with my personality of not abandoning a sinking ship unless i kno 4 sure its the end and there is no way to save, So im here... what do i say at age 29 except for good lord!! next year im gonna be 30!! time does fly, its kinda funny how when you go back to ur old pages if youve been here for years, and read what you wrote 5 and 10 plus years ago. and you realize when your young you really are dumb, really you are. i especially find it Hilarious when i run across the old page of a female and read all the crap they write in their younger days buts whats frightening is that the only thing that changes as an adult is now they want the Man to have more and give more. being able to buy em clothes and take em to the movies and mall dont suffice anymore, Now they want a man to buy em New cars and pay their bills etc etc.. lol its actually pretty funny. But the sad thing is there are actual low level dudes out there that support them and hereby help these cretins to flourish, but any way enough of the reality of life. im here just takin it eazy and i deal wit life as it comes and goes. if want to converse on any level hit me and we see where it goes, till then KEEP THE FIYAH BLAZIN!! an as always NO FAGS ALLOWED!!!


and dont send me a friends request unless we have spoken it will be deleted!!

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