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    March 09, 2002

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    Some College Coursework Completed

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    Arts, Entertainment, and Media

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    Little Rock, AR

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    Black/African American

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    South African

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Hey old men please stop trying to holla at me, it's not happening. I like man who keep themselve in shape with NO POT GUTS. Just because you are over the age of thirty doesn't give you the right to let your body go. And please these profiles of you cat really trying to pose, honey just keep it calm, cool, and natural. All this muscle and %#&@$! flexing ain't happening.


This isn't your typical resume. All my life I've took honor in helping others it is my passion. My life has been one filled with great experience. No, I don't have a college degree, yet, life has been my greatest professor.

Hit by a car

Growing up in the home of a single mom was very hard (but I Love my mommy, it wasn't anything but stress.)

Doctor's diagnosis me with Degenerative Arthritis in my left leg

I went through one hell of a storm in my marriage, and it must be that I am suppose to be with this man because each time we've tried to divorce it didn't go through. (it isn't a marriage filled with hate, his past tugs at him from time to time

My oldest sister pasted away on January 6 of this year of a heart attack at age 33. She has two boys one 12 at her time of death and the other 4 months at her time of death.

I am the mother figure to the now 1 year old and we live with my father. And I must add that the one year olds fathers family has not been respectful at all since my sister's passing.

I was terminated from my job April 1 of this year for because of my disability

After a year of living with us ( aunt, grandfather, brother) judge awards guardianship of my 1 year old nephew to his fathers family

Because of my experience I've started posted shows on youtube. I speak on my issues as well as others that not only help myself but there is someone out there going through the same thing as I am..

Go to you and check it out
Topics of Shows: =ZzeokCGFhYw Are you listening to your baby =LblT03vwg98 :Do you know when to let go, =VfJV-9YRe3Y Do preachers commit sins =Qj7qpXvvwgw Christian women and stripper poles =bceSJqtw_ec : Your 6 year old wants to have a baby with a boy. What are you going to do? =KQvlzkfI9BY : Put on your face B4 you leave the house, =X5WxAD5jf9k Why are yo u with him/her if you gotta criticize them, =ZBjukyQrru4 : Tell them Thank You, =qlAQvAQ3dSI: What is you purpose in life, =hAeT6KA-deI : for all of the President Obama haeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetaaaa?s, =2mE555byAO8 : After you?ve dealt with the worst!!!!!!!!!!!! in your marriage, =kZrbBosb1vU : After 30 let the lil sibling fight their own battle, =7RuBTMSKyDg ; Are you a noisy person, =aDL1pmwmuZQ ; Who is your enemy, =HufDgbs_uaw ;Ladies let us unit to help us who are lost, =3ujnqF2O1g0 ;What are you doing to prepare you babies for their future =ODpae4_AJck ;Wake Up Black Men. Ignited by RIP Black America, =kD7mz-tPANY ;Wake Up Black Women. Ignited by RIP Black America, =Df9Lnd_a2zw ;Wake Up Black America. Ignited by RIP Black America, =zL5bBC6Oj_E; Do you see your beauty first thing in the morning, =zgCvLYFf-iU ;Do you spank your kids, =9zdW0SDlvJI ;Are you a warrior, =wMbL6PMNVbM ;Are you a giver or a receiver, =ojN10jQH31g ;Are you going to Hell because of the church you go to, =yzB_Mb0EVaI How to be thick, but healthy, =fJq9p2BGFwE Who takes care of your kids, =NzwPuho_Yb8 A message to young men, =ihEZeOuSk2I It?s time for us to get healthy and stop making excuses, =4p1d4JBO0IU ;Are you in a jealous filled relationship, =k23BfB25rkw Is college always necessary for success, =_G--WZWpOlI Is your life dream now your reality, =aiGg22tSNNA ;You respect me, I'll respect you, =NeSLPfkw1bM ; Marriage going nowhere, =IrXEDbdfymE ;pull up your pants, =ly6z_FNtZac Not letting your kids get the beauty of you, =nzUsCyQzOto You vs. The stuck ups, =X62bBwALN28 Emotional respect, =fUBbNcVF2qM Do you feel beautiful without it, =EMumuGQBtWs Thank you for your words, =7czdsVUbINw Family backbone, =YuTKE4H4Q3I I love me, Do you love you, =aSxKwrECZhw ; My Thoughts about death, =MYOsrHCoXhE ;Respecting your temple

?My heart is in what I do. Sincerely, Yalonda Smith
?My whole life is about writing from sun up the sun down and through the night, there is a poetry cafe and a movie theatre in my head my poetry.

My intension

My intensions are to get inside of your mind. To pick at your nerves. Not exactly to make you angry. But yet to get you thinking about everything. My intension are to have you sit down an analyze all of your thoughts. This may bring up old memories and your emotions may get involved. But that depends on you and how you felt about that situation. My intensions are to have you look at me and trust that I would never harm you or your feeling. I will massage your mind activating what others refuse to touch. My intensions are to have you define what each person in your life means to you and what one person you need in your life to relax that headache you have daily go away for good.

Inhale, Now exhaling

The year now passing, I m now exhaling from all that surrounded me. This years journey put me in areas where if desiring to move or take one step forward would be like trying to get on the other side of a river when there is no bridge. Everywhere I turned, every time I prepare myself to leave there was always something and/or somebody holding me back. Voices pleading to me not to leave and saying they needed me. The drama that surrounded me, the negativity I faced, the hard times that tried to knock me down. I ve inhaled, now I m exhaling. This year only made me gain the most strength, independence, courage, faith, confidence, and patience. I ve inhaled, now I m exhaling. Braking out of my shell, feeling what I ve earned, what is to come, knowing that there is a reason for everything, seeing in mirrors my success on the other side, I trust it is not far away. Inhale, Now Exhaling.

Watch out

Keep your eye own me.

Watch which way I move.

Can you move like me?

Can you keep up?

Tell me If I m going to fast for you.


Breathe in, breathe out.

Are you OK?

You ain t ready for me.

My words are like fire and therapy.

I am like the secret you never told anyone about.

First class man

Your not perfect, only God himself is.

But next to him there`s you.

There are no words.

No matter how many I say that describes you.

But for all of the positives.

That lie in the dictionary.

Your face should be next to each.

You have gotten over every hill that.

Lied ahead of you.

And for each that lies in the future.

You have the strength to get over all.

You have earned the titled of picking.

Your a first class man.

Who needs a first class woman by your side.

To keep you moving.

On the days you want to give up.

To explain why you can.

When you say you can`t.

And to relax each muscle in your body.

At night in any way you desire.

Relieving the stress that the day brought.

I m Back

I`m back.

Continuing where I left off.

Now with new feeling.

Better understanding.

And with wiser reality.

I`m back.

From where I had vanished.

From out of evil eyes.

Now revealing new wings.

I`m back.

With new eyes which have let me see amazing graces ahead.

Also letting me see that my faith shall not be let go.

I`m back.

I`m ready for whatever.

I ain`t never scared.

It`s is time.

Ready for everyone to know me.

I`m back.

Knowing that what I desire to enter.

And where I yearn to explore is not a game.

I Believe

I believe in what you fell to achieve.

What I did alone you tuned away from.

I believe in what I can`t see.

That with I was told of.

Yet couldn`t visualize at that moment.

Through eyes that have never seen before.

I believe in miracles.

Because life is filled with that with is disguised as magic.

I beieve in you.

That person that sits and waits.

For dreamsto appear in life without trying.

I believe you could move mountains.

If you knew your life was worth greatness.

I believe in he with has change my life.

He that has shown me wonderful things.

And taught me lessons that beautiful works of art.

And of formations aren`t just in books of olden days.

Thousands of Angels released

Thousands of angels released.

From twins that stood directly below heaven.

Leaving thousands of souls crying.

From love ones that don`t understand.

Why tragedy won in a battle that they couldn`t bet.

Leaving only memories to hold.

And tears to cry.

Yet, why tears fall.

Angels will never again die.

Now they protect broken souls from triumph.

And heal by kissing hearts that ach from pain.

Thousands of angels released.

From twins that lead straight to heaven.

Thousands of souls never to feel pain so deep again.

For from tragedy came their angels never to leave them.

Protecting them always.

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Male, 62, Fresno, CA

Posted July 08, 2014

My Friend ebba told me about these miracle tabs CNN that make your magic stick much bigger, I want to spread the s I am living proof this stuff works, been on it for 53 so far, not only am I longer but much thicker too. Here is the link to the report about it

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