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Rush Limbaugh, Pot calling Kettle Black so to say


We all know that Limbaugh is nothing more than a loud mouth hypocrite, and my philosophy on most conservatives is that their attacks are usually more of the self projection type. That is, if they are pointing the finger at someone, and making a claim about someone, then usually they are speaking about themselves. There is a long history of this, below I list a few examples.Ted Haggard Anti gay minister, who turned out to be a gay, crack smoking addict.Bob Allen A anti gay... (continue reading)

For the Haters: I'm Sorry to Announce....


A little something something for the haters to marinate on.I'm Sorry to Announce....ByFrenchieCatjourn als.democraticunderground.comF renchieCat464He never said that he was perfect, in fact he always said that he wasn't.His supporters also never said that he was perfect,although they were accused of it.He never said he was the Messiah.His supporters also never said he was the Messiah,those were his distractors and his enemies who called him that.He never was an empty suit,although he was accused... (continue reading)

Will This Be Called a Mandate??


I am curious to see how the media is going to spin this. I would love to hear anyone's input on this as well. My question is, will the media acknowledge that this win by Obama gives him a mandate?In 1960, Kennedy carried four fewer states than Nixon, won less than 50 of the popular vote, and many claimed he did not even win the popular vote he won by about 113,000.In 1976, Carter carried four fewer states than Ford, so many Repukes sneered at him for that as well.In 1992 Clinton failed to win 50... (continue reading)

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"Be who you are, and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those that who matter don't mind"

Dr. Seuss


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Obama pardons girl for missing school



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 Picture of the day. In other words PRICELESS.



Just for some laughs here is my main man Terry Tate. I needed to add some laughs to this page.




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Female, Age Private, Des Moines, IA

Posted September 14, 2015

🙏 to you.And thank you once again for the Birthday blessings.


Female, Age Private, Des Moines, IA

Posted July 20, 2014

Thanks for stopping by.

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