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    May 21, 2004

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    Some College Coursework Completed

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    Arts, Entertainment, and Media

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    Orlando, FL

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    Black/African American

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Akintunde Ahmad: The Bright Young Scholar Who Would Probably Be Judged As A Criminal On Sight In Amerikkka!


Akintunde Ahmad is a seeker of true knowledge.Who is he? More on him laterhellip;hellip;.But first, allow me to say that whether you realize it or not, true knowledge is contraband in todayrsquo;s world.If you are one who seeks only what is real in this world, yoursquo;ll have to wade through the endless sea of garbage which litters the airwaves and cyberspace that has no substance and no nutritional value for the mind to get to get your hands on it.This ndash; as far as Irsquo;m concerned... (continue reading)

Matthew Knowles Former Mistress Alexsandra Wright: A Case Of Manipulated Sympathy Gone Wrong?


Matthew Knowles, Beyonce's father and former manager, has dirty laundry that has been all out in the public for years and many are taking different stances in the classic case ofan affair gone terribly wrong.In case you haven't been following the story,Alexsandra Wrightis the woman who had a son by Beyonce's Father, Matthew Knowles.I believe the story first broke in February of 2010 andspread like wildfire on the countless gossip blogsand tabloids circulating a picture of the boy making... (continue reading)

Those Deceptive Well Paid Government Agents Masquerading As Black Leaders!


This government is very shrewd in their stronghold on Black America, they play us so easy like the pawns on a chess board.They know that as long as we remain blind to what is really happening in the world around us that they can pretty much manipulate us into the positions that they want us to occupy.As I look over the history of my life and the world around me in the time that Irsquo;ve walked this earth, Irsquo;ve noticed something quite different in the climate of the countless Black... (continue reading)

Oprah Winfrey, Ernestine Shepherd, Sharon Stone And The Brainwashing Of The Masses On Aging!


I was so impressed last night with the amazing guests who were featured on Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network and the exhilarating chord of inspiration that they struck from inside of me.The first guest was Sharon Stone, who was actually in the studio face to face with Oprah, who is an actress who was still active and working but not as much as in her earlier years.Sharon spoke on the perception that many of us have on what beauty truly is and how far off of the mark that most of the world is when... (continue reading)

The George Zimmerman Orlando Florida Gun Show Autograph Signing! (Video)


There is much controversy and uproar on the recent George Zimmerman Gun Show appearance in which he was invited to this event to sign autographs for his adoring fans and supporters.What made this event really a slap in the face to many was that it was originally contracted to take place at the Majestic Night Club located at 801 John Young Parkway in the Black Community just several feet north of the intersection of John Young Parkway Colonial Drive, a.k.a Route 50 here in Central Florida.Now... (continue reading)

Ladies: Please Understand That There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Single! - LanceScurv TV


Americarsquo;s Most Outspoken Artist LanceScurv speaks on the very common dilemma of that good woman who has so much to offer a good man but just canrsquo;t understand why it seems as though she is perpetually single.As a man who indulges in countless conversations during my day with the many women that feel this way, I saw a need to address this very sensitive topic and hope that it brings a fresher perspective so that our Sisters understand that she should not lower her standards merely to... (continue reading)

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