SensualATLgrl Looking around BP after being gone since September. So let's see who is online and who the new people are. - July 14, 2013 add/view comments (1)

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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking, Serious Dating

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    July 10, 2000

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    Atlanta, GA

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    Black/African American

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2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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It has been a while BlackPlanet


It has been a while since I have visited BlackPlanet. I have noticed a few changes. I have not looked around enough to call them enhancements yet. The site has made improvements but let's see if the way people think have changed. Are we slowing down or still trying to notch up.

Stop Inviting Me to Your Get Togethers


I am getting tired of the invites to everything that you and yours are doing. I am no longer interested in any functions where my money is the invited guest and I am the plus one. Your personal functions do not warrant constant gifts from me.It pisses me off when people think their children are more important to them than yours are to you. No gifts for my children yet I keep forking out to yours. Screw you! And stop inviting me to your get togethers.

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Who I am
I am a native of Atlanta. I live a VERY drama-free life. My mentality . . . not bitter, angry, hostile, arrogant, combatic, into conflicts, or confrontation. I am a businesswoman and a manager at a hospital. I am active in the community and belong to a few organizations. I love smiles, happy people, and laughter. The only way to go so you know I will not allow bad vibes into my life. I have worked too hard to make life good for myself so I am not into players. I know the games. Please note that what you may think is acceptable behavior may not be acceptable to me. I chose my friends VERY carefully. I do not take well to people who tell lies. Just because someone does not call you out does not mean they have not figured you out. I believe in gut feelings and I listen to them. If my gut tells me to distance myself then that is what I do. It makes for a happier, peaceful life.

Do you like numbers?
Here are mine . . . Marriages - 0 (just never found the right guy. We both have to be able to tolerate the other. Right?); Children - 2 still with us (boy 18, girl 14); Height - 5'9, Weight - 230 lbs (had to adjust this, I gain a few); Clothing size - 12/14; Measurements - SecretDD-32-44; Age - 44.

A few of my hobbies I enjoy people as a whole
I shoot a mean game of pool (looking for a new activity partner in this area) and my bowling skills are pretty good although my scores have been very questionable as to whether or not I really have skills. I guess I need to play more. If you like to bowl, lets get to know each other and hang out sometimes. I enjoy board games and games of chance (casinos). I love playing cards and I am a force to be reckon with when playing poker. I work out five times at the gym each week (who would have thunk (sic) it) and work with a trainer two of those days. I am in a lot better shape than I originally thought. I also coach and play on a co-ed softball team. Come out and watch me send the ball into the next county. Ok, ok, so I could do that years ago but I can still knock the he-ll out of one. I enjoy Agatha Christie mystery novels and I am an online profile reader. You can find me on a few message boards responding to questions about business start-ups and expansions, software technology (how to use it), or project management. I like keeping myself busy. As of 08/02/09, I have started back teaching online software classes as part of my business.

What am I looking for on BP?
I am here to make new friends and I expect nothing more. I believe whatever is meant to be will happen. Take your hand out of it, pray, and let God take care of it. I am always willing to accept a new friend. And I love the art of communication. I am a good listener and I have the gift for gab. Now if you are not one for conversations - I am a talker and I talk - then this is no the stop for you. And if your profile is completely blank, tell me something about yourself in your original note. Lets not be complete strangers when we talk. And please do not ask me to play 20 questions with you. No one knows you better than you. Start with the basics and lets go from there. Just keep it real and be honest. We are adults so lets act like it. And you all can stop sending me phone numbers to call you. I like to move fast but never at the speed of lightning. Talk to me here FIRST, then lets see if we need to go to IMs before that phone call. Thank you for your interest in me but I still believe in a little foreplay before a full blown thrust.

My list of what I like in men Black
Single, available, intelligent, educated, trustworthy, passionate, strong, dominant, great sense of humor, loving, sexy, great smile, stable (in all areas), and considerate. I do better with men 45 - 52. I hear I do not tolerate younger men well. Expectations have sometimes been much higher than I should expect from cubs. If you are separated or married, that does not mean that you cannot contact me. It just means that there will be no hankypanky here. I am not looking to be your lunch time buddy, daylight humping partner or anything else that leaves you needing a bath during work hours. We can be friends and we can always talk but I cannot be the other woman or give you the sex you claim you are lacking.

No interest in anything here
In women for romantic relationships (friendships are welcome), birthing additional children (the housing unit has been removed), racism or any other -ism, grown males, liars, cheats, a$$holes, people who lack communication skills (one clicks, one liners, one word introductions) or those who suffer from diarrhea of the mouth.

ALERT: Every woman does not want to hear a man bash another woman. That does not turn women on to hear that you think so little about those who resemble her. Note: grown males are not the same thing as men!!!