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Project War Chicago


Chicago has been in a state of War! Man tha city has been so dangerous that we're tallying up War statistics... Babees dying, young men and women are dying, our elderly are out living us... Whats wrong people! Theres no peace in sight, this summer its gonna be all out hell... Already we had at least 50 shootings and 10 to 20 murders in like tha last three months. I do not fear all... But what I do fear is that I will die for nuthin and without a fight. maybe if God is here he's... (continue reading)

Cursed to be in America and not on tha front line...


Here's a real gangsta...In his spirit I survive cuz they are the ones left on tha front line...What if this was your lil' brother or your son...?Look at this man! Young 2Pac said, niggas fightin across tha whole planet... You nigggas be walking round here misshandling ratchets and killin tha kids...Run up on shorty with that shyt!but tha real fact of that matter is that no one cares...No one cares at all. I'm tired of peace that hasn't been granted. We not free, we blind!!! See... (continue reading)

Lyrics To my Favorite song on Tha Melanin Factor...Hotep Pr T.O.Taten/ Pr Sesslassie


Dead shall rise again...Natural selection,swear its hard digestion,eat fresh plantsfrom the dirt for more spiritual connection,grow fresh babies from the earth,with no fear of aggression,Ra's sphere perfected,melanin protectorsstill here in the present,it's evident,ancestors left it here in genetics,blood line pured by the seed of resurrection,coherent in lessonsof going forth by day,hair grayed,heart displayedPtah spoke, yes!I reached my weight,reincarnated as a prophet,perch and teach the word... (continue reading)

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    April 07, 2008

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    Sess B-Ware

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    Chicago, IL

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    Black/African American

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Welcome to my Conceptional Music page. As you scroll thru my garden of thoughts and fury's...Make sure you watch out for tha broken glass...Dont cut ya feet, so in other words, tread lightly cuz I'm watchin...While you here tho', please enjoy...Watch tha video of Sessology and Hit My Music Page at "Sess B Ware Tha Cross Villian"!!!! Cuz if you seen my old page and heard tha music from there, I have a few different songs on this site!!!!But take me all in and don't waste a drop, cuz it'll be a waste of time...Holla!


i'm ready for War...Just imagine dying for the freedom of my speech...what if they said that rappin, spitting lyrics, verbal art is forbidden and tha government come upon you and black boots stomp down your doors and they steal ALL tha writing pads, lyric books and tracks...will you fight and die for your music...our music....I will. I'm Sess B Ware tha tru Sessologist....A real thorough bred savage when It comes to tha talent God gave me in all Her grace...I am tha coldest...tha best...but we all in it together. What can I tell you bout whats life gonna be like it there was a lack of music...It'll be All Out War cuz wouldnt nobody be able to express their selves...Its tru...I plan to make music that tha law will not comprehend...Vinvedi Universal will not understand...I will make music that tha world in all its poverty and helplessness can hear and depend on and draw inspiration from...I am tha world and tha people write my lyrics for me...I am tha world and my heart beats tha blood of these four corners. So listen Gods/Goddess's thats intuned with that universal loud wit a voice to be heard, or die in silence...OneVoice


Now I can't tell if its me or the things I did in life...but I do know that I am glad about tha position I'm in now...True, a lot of ppls have dreams of signin' them slips and getting them keys and loved by that crowd. Even I have dwelled into tha possibility that oneday...Sess B Ware will be on top. #1 numero uno ya digg...You know ya'll hear a niggga gettin down...I know what I felt when I spoke my part...I still feel the chills when I listen to my music now nuthing in tha world like tha sound of a voice telling you sumthin thats ever so tru and that voice is yours...Thats why I strive to keep my noodles in tha bowl...There's to much gun powder in my head and once it sparks...I'm a blow tha world up and we all gone have a piece...


Checkout Tha video to Sessology and tell me what you think...Leave a comment for tha haters to see that a niggga is loved by the peoples!!!!!!

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