Sharika_and_Mo_2009 W#@+$ Popp!n t#!$ $h@r!k@. I @m hold!n9 !t down for @ll my B!$3xu@l m@m!$. Bu+ @l$o for +d@ +#!ck m!$$3$ $+@nd up!!!!!!! - August 29, 2009 add/view comments (0)

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    August 25, 2009

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    Sharika Clanton

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    Female, Male

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    High School or Equivalent

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    Under $30,000

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    Stony Creek, VA

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    Black/African American

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Yo whats poppin with you? This be your gurl Sharika. Me shyt chilling just chilling trying to get my shyt together so I can go ahead and go to the National Guard. And to also inspire any and everybody that was ever told that they can't do or be something that they have always dreamed or wanted to be in life. To also let them know that "Skies the limit to all of life's success." I am also up here to get to know some new people because the people that I know are people that have some things that they need to resolve within themselves before I be friends with them again. I can't believe that I have been hiding myself away from all the great opportunities that the world has to offer because of someone who thought that they had the power to control all things with and around them and they don't. Life is so amazing to me because no matter what you go through in life it is just to teach you a new a lesson and how to also not make the same mistake twice. Love is a wonderful thing if it is real. Because it is going to be some hard times and there are going to be some good times but just remember if the good out weights the bad then its meant to be and if it and that way then its just best you give up before you get hurt. trust me I know because I have personal experience. Have fun because you only have one life to live but while you are living it live it safe and also live it smart as well. Watch out for the snakes in the grass that you can't see and the ones that you can see as well. I keep my friends close but I keep my enemies closer and you should do the same thing because thats the best way to live I am trying to tell you. But do whatever makes you happy. Any and everything that you do, do it for yourself and only for yourself you feel I know you do and this is your gurl Sharika and I am signing off now....!!!!

I am ready for true love for once in my life. I want some who is going to ride or die for me just like I am going to do for them and thats so hard to find now days.

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