Sharru_G Sunday worship can be an enlightening enrichment experience, however one in a pediatric medical facility emergency room can also be powerfully effective. - April 22 add/view comments (1)

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ATTENTION! I do not castigate people for not fully revealing their identity/persona on a social network. Persons seem ignorant of the fact the employers, credit granting agencies, and yes former partners harvest data from these sites to use in ways not beneficial to users. However PLEASE exercise courtesy in the manner in which I have elected to selectively share facts with the general public about what makes me unique. THANKS!

I have kept myself fit and healthy and I have been blessed to be honored with a generous measure of compliments on my appearance and how I carry myself. We all notice the beautiful people but too often they turn out to be quite ugly when you get past the grand exterior. I want genuine people who are not superficial egotists and gamers as pen pals and true friends. Life is too challenging and even cold for mis-investments in the shallow individuals preying on those whose circumstances warrant using a social network to expand the pool of adults with whom they interact. I welcome friendship inquiries by mature adult LADIES seeking individuals with whom they can casually and confidently explore life and mutual interests of benefit to both parties. I have been confidant and counsel to innumerable beautiful women whose lives bear deep and wide permanent scars from individuals whose sole objective in life seems to have been selfishly exploring the contents of the panties of every woman outside of their immediate families. Helping those women heal has had no small measure of refining influence on my approach to responding to my attraction to women and their revealed romantic reactions to me. Men so fortunate as to be the real love interest of sincere women should not trifle with that blessing. Ladies interested in a true mature tasteful gentleman with real integrity, intellectual gifts, prudence, vitality, humor,creativity and industriousness (to name a few assets) are encouraged to say hello, seek insights or possibly become a friend.
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