SlowYaRoll Lezra were 15. You were my nephew. You were loved. Your life should not have ended by gun violence. I will miss you and I hope the Duquesne/Braddock/Pittsburgh community doesn t let this happen again. - October 18, 2017 add/view comments (2)

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::::: UPDATE:::::MAR 2015 ::::: UPDATE:::::
I left GA for good. I've left NJ for good. Where am I now? Roaming! I've got my mind right: money right: enjoying the world!

::::: UPDATE:::::NOV 2013 ::::: UPDATE:::::


Okay, here's the deal. . .I moved to Forest Park in March of 2007. I then bought a house in Morrow, Ga in 2008. Things were cool, but ehhhhh. . . I back to home for a bit. Home you say? Where's home? I'm from Trenton, New Jersey. I am back in GA working a project. Once it's done, I'll be moving back north, permanently. Nevertheless, while I'm here, I'll enjoy my time here, or die trying.

Georgia is uh. . .interesting. I keep things really simple in order to keep my sanity. Aside from my experiences at Shout, The Velvet Room and The Underground, I haven't done anything much in Georgia as far as ":night life": is concerned. Those experiences were enough. YOWSERS!
I don't think I fit in well down here. Dressing like an overgrown kid troubles me. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad about jeans and sneakers: HOWEVER, it can go a bit too far. Putting 20": chrome rims on everything from hot wheels to grandma's wheel chair is disturbing.
As for the dating scene. Yeah um er ruh. . .I prefer to stay BBW free. No offense, it's just a preference. I live an active lifestyle, so if you aren't able to jump up and go up Kennesaw or Stone Mountain, it's a problem. If I say "let's go do the bike trail" and your response is "why," it's a problem. Looking for Mrs. Right? Uh. . .I'm good for now. Let's just see if we don't annoy the hell out of each other: more specifically, make sure you don't annoy the hell out of me. :) Also, have YOUR ISH together. If the only things you have are bad credit, kids, and a baby daddy, HIT THE BRICKS! I don't mind a woman with kids. I actually prefer that. Usually, it shows a sign of responsibility and such: HOWEVER, I must say that since moving to the Atlanta area, I've come across a ton of females that don't have custody of their kids or are flat out terrible mothers. What's up with that?! Oh yeah, if you're still taking pics a

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Perhaps I didn't get the message, but is the new thing to attempt to profile in someone else's vehicle? Let me be more specific. While driving up and down GA400 and I75, I see a number of cars. I see many sorority license plates on said cars. When I finally catch up to the car and see a dude all laid up, I'm astounded. Fellas, if you're driving around in a vehicle, regardless of how nice it is, no nobody is giving you props once they peep the DST, SGRho, AKA, or ZPhiB plates. If you... (continue reading)

Thanksgiving strikes back. . .,


Good Lord. . .the things I see on my way to work. There I was, just strolling into work when I was chased by a gang of feathered thugs. I tried to stand my ground, but damn it they looked vicious! Damn straight I ran!

What cha say?


Some of the conversations I overhear at work are comical. Such as. . .Lady 1 Hey, have you had Poppycock?Lady 2 What you say?Lady 1 Have you ever tried Poppycock?Lady 2 I never have and never will have sex with a Latino!!!Um, what?!

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