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    Serious Dating

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    December 09, 2002

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    Associate Degree

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    Baltimore, MD

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    Black/African American

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    Nigerian, Other

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Jan 4,2002



Age: 39




SexualOrientation:100% STRICTLY KLITLY ..LOL

STATUS:SNGLE and NOT LOOKING at least not yet!

Hobbies:poetry music

This is MSQT and to be QUITE CLEAR! READING IS FUNDAMENTAL!!!!!!!My fellas, can you please explain to me why on this beautiful color spectrumed planet do you ask me the most inane questions and in the same sentence claim intelligence and respect. BROTHERS.....please do not direspect me with the "dyck" quotes, because if "dyck" was so grand then you need to sucking or fukking one yourself!!!! No, I was not raped, I don't hate men, I am not bi, I don't want to try you out and I am not swinging with your wife. Futher if you find my sexuality to be an enigma don't give yourself a headache trying to figure it out, the answer is simply..... IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!!! Men you are blowing me. How dare you ask me to read your page and you just click on the photos of mine and then send me a note mad because I don't respond. I am a lesbian, I am NOT down low or discreet. BI, Curious and Married women please keep that to yourself, I am not a side piece nor am I YOUR fantasy. Cheating is not pretty nor is it my style. I am no adulterer and I don't want to be your first. Know this, respect this, understand this! Lyric has spoken! For everyone else that knows you belong.....enjoy the smoothhhhhh content.....smooches.....

MEN, my Brothers

It is so highly unattractive and low level ghetto mentality to approach a woman with the come on lines and not read what she is about. Says a lot about your upbringing and your "game" . Its lackluster at best. Its really not cute or "playa" or "pimpin" type of mental going on if you do not read or pay attention. PLEASE stop sending me your little notes of romantic flirtations and freestyle flow coming on to me or even acknowledging your attraction to me. While you think you are giving me the vibe, you are really giving me a headache with that phony a$$ bullshyt, take the time to READ my page because what you are doing is not only tired, its annoying, disrespectful and downright weak! I AM A LESBIAN!


FOR My Sons:

Your light is bright and I see your smile in each star. I felt your presence in my heart. We prayed together and I gave you my love within a kiss from the tears I cry for you each night. I see your wings with God. Mother will be there with you when it's time to go home and we shall be reunited. I sing to you our song of faith and peace.

It's alright to be honest but it's not alright to lie and use the one you are with. Don't hurt another if you don't want to be hurt. Sometimes it's better to consider another's feelings and not be so self absorbed with your own. Love is unconditional and not fake, phony or easily removed with anger and pity. TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE!!!!! To the women who tried to break my spirit and tarnish my love, thank you because now I know that a real woman is not the last bytch!!!! I will be more than happy to share who and what. I know what sincerity is like now and what I experienced was not it!!! Sincere emotion is not a game or a lie, it's cherished, not easily unfelt and its genuine and not self absorbed. So I thank you for the lesson.....I am so inspired. I am at peace.
LADIES: I AM SINGLE AND LOOKING BUT NOT FOR ANY BS, LIES, GAMES AND HEARTBROKE NONSENSE!!! If you have just broken up with your mate or you have ex girlfriend drama please do not send me any notes. I am neither a booty call, a benefit or a chance to learn what you see in porn. If you approach a lady with a "girl" mentality the only response you will receive......silence. I often wonder what makes women act and feel they need to act as if "sex" is primarily important to another in order to gain attention....I feel sorry for those of you who lack self worth and the strength to understand that for most of us its painful to watch and hear. Please save it for the late night subterfuge and bottom feeders. Class is NOT what you mimick from I Love New York.....the slang and broken English only serve to reveal your true intelligence levels. For the REAL ladies my divine beautiful women, the dolce bellas.....leave but a taste of what your heaven can bring and I shall fill the flutes.....for further know what to do. For the "true doms" and "real kings" that line is a joke. I have met enough "true doms and wannbe kings" to make me laugh for the next ten years. Please be more original with your approach. Only the honest and mature need respond.

To You: These past days have been refreshing for me and knowing you these past months has given me far more happiness than I could ever know.....that darkness and evil of the last 18mths has finally been dimmed forever....**I think about us......... If I can bring a smile to your heart, I have complimented you far more than the words "you are beautiful".... for that beauty has allowed me to indulge your inner self.....**

I Want....:

to be manhandled have my sex dismantled riding waves and grooves from your dyck! like I am from Blazing Saddles be the Lone Ranger and you the white horse stop for dinner down south and let me the main course kiss your lips and taste my own honey I don't mind if we share pu$$y tight all night hit it right take me there make me kum in all letters to spell out your name make me fall to my knees while your thrusts hydroplane leave me dangling gasping reaching for hope give me lots of love to swallow be my wanton rope make me gag and choke spoon me off something special knock of the dust and leave all smoke spread these thighs nice and wide let your dyck slip and slide watch my face in sextacy doing the wild thing you and me my purring and moans make you hard tongue so wet to get inside sliver and quiver like a glass shard little lizard flickering fast build me up and make it last feel my desire coming down around your mouth fingers probing my warmth bringing my sex to a slow groove a simmer a boil cup my a$$ slam me against the wall drive it home I want ti nice and raw ferocious and fierce hit my spot till the orgasm begins to pierce my soul grab a hold take control make it good make it hot feel my knees buck while you grind my juice so plentiful making us both sticky send me spinning while you take a licky fingerfukking my a$$! while you tongue fukk! my mouth....damn what I want....more of that but I get to do you taking you through a colorful hue of being pleasured vigorously by the nasty shyt I do.....what I want....just YOU!

Always for the ladies am I honest, faithful and understanding. I value trust and patience. My balance is clarity. MY CIPHER IS DEEP AND MY CEREBRAL FOREPLAY IS LETHAL. If you want to explore my depth please step correctly because anything else is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

She Said " Damn you" Complicating matters seem so far away in the twilight of a kiss I hold my arms against myself watching the moment that you will experience this I can't remember when the thrill of it all felt so damn sexy I wait in taunting bliss Apparent in my threat to bring you to full circle of a cataclysmic destiny Femme to dom mentality Claiming no stakes to the gambling of how I will thrust my tenderness between your lips as you fantasize about You know you do Feeling what I feel inside my body like your long hard thickness Making your mouth water to see my eyes close to your stroke Not Tonight the power play begins Hold on tight as passion wins Swing voting popular with your wetness Juicy sweet sticky as I collect on the indebtness My thighs keeping you in place right where I need you to be Your face perplexed with anticipation wondering just how my bravado wears across my Victoria Secret scent Madness takes over your cerebral and sweet Mental leans in to your thoughts and whisper the answers You want this you need this you secretly masturbate to the submission I tear into your psyche with great precision Walking through the motions and sighs as your waves clash against my shoreline Kissing your neck and whispering such lasciviousness in your ear Your fingers caressing me as we softly move in unison My top your bottom sewing threads of sex I feel your spill your essence hot and flowing I seek my kill preying on your knowing My tongue tasting your familiar making you surrender I move my tongue with your threatened height of masculinity your sexuality tearing away your labeled identity stealth like lies with your primal insecurity wifeys tossed in shreds to the floor with your dominant notoriety boxers now thongs between your teeth as your moans escape between the fabric I know you like the way I feel and soft skin like touch of my dyck Keeping your manhood in check I feel the raging of your heartbeat keep in time with the penetration of my feminine defeat Ahhhh you look at me needing to speak I kiss you deeply to assure you that your intentions are now weak Fall victim to the way I move in and out of your %#&@$! as you grip the sheets Raking and scratching at the last attempt to keep your studliness but it falls to the floor with your clothes in a steadied heap Powerless to cling to your self you buck with my grind Losing your mind Uncontrollable urge to fall rhythmically in kind Slow long torturous stroking of your queen soft walls I can feel your gripping as your madness falls Grabbing my a$$ to keep me tight My motions promising to keep you full all night Nipples touch as you say my name Skin glistening eyes steady watching you yield to my flame Cunning am I to kiss you all over your shoulders and curve of your chest nibbles leaving love caches all over you flesh Eyes penetrating yours staring through to the heart of you as your lips move with silent words Just then I feel your legs lock as you take the full length of my kokk Your embrace around my waist I steady up slowly torturing you because that is my place I can feel your soul pulsating from the inside out as I manipulate the space I hear you sigh "please" as a smile crosses my face say it again I demand and you ease back into my pace needing those strokes to continue as I lean back off my throttle giving you a feeling of curvature rubbing against your klit I see the power that I yield as your teeth begin to grit " please baby please" as your world starts to split I give you pound for pound as our bodies collide and you take every inch of my hardness deep inside Making you feel tingly and you tremble I feel your climax near I kiss your lips tenderly and watch you shed a single tear Out of the corner of your eye the droplet leaves go I hit your spot with gentle force the moment prevails as I hear your body take flight and the calmness fails your body sails across cloud nine as my ten flips you into an abyss ."damn you Mental" for doing this .. That's what she said ..studs never lie,,,,, I will keep your secret between you and I tomorrow night I will take you from behind the door make you say "fukk you Mental" as your beg for more Copyright 2008 MentalCopulation I Need To Be %#&@$!ed I need to be copulated and inundated with Sapphic vocabulary and carnal mental wordplay all over my virginal cortex. I need to feel that stimulating verbiage deep and in between my cerebral womb touching only the frontal lobe taking me to an extremely pleasurable place within massive sounds and seductive vernacular. I need to have my neurons stroked with the quick witted lashings of your tongue making me sigh and ooze with complete and ardent attention. Take me there with slow caresses making my synaptic connections perform a m nage a trois with your long powerful axon. The potential for a union beyond normal comprehension boils over systematically into a brazen fusion of carnal dialogue and predilection for sweet surrender. Your suave penetration of my psyche with strokes to make me arch and convulse with excitement and passion alone inside thoughts of tantric zeal only serves as the recipient for a fever that intellect can quench. My thirst becomes stalwart and frenzied till I can no longer contain this anticipation wanting to unmercifully filled with every inch and curve of your astuteness. So sexy is your grammatical prowess as you show and teach me how to titillate your gifted appendage. Between my fingertips as we mull over deep conversations and debatable notable discourse your body trembles against my tenderness Toccare i miei verbi ed avere sapore i miei sostantivi begli un. We lay entwined in each others arms dreamily speaking for hours in silence until we reach such a telepathic orgasm we sigh against every adjective and lay spent and content for we touched unknown depths dared not explored and I feel my wholeness engulfed by the way you %#&@$! me such a literary Don Juan and master at touching me till I hang on every declaration. My wetness warm and raging amidst your fleeting speech awaiting to be taken once more by our freedom of expression and copulated magnificently over and over with your hard and constant utterance I am your slave .ahhhh hhh yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss .the way we interchange is making me overflow don't stop I am ready to detonate analytically with your intuition right ttttheereeeee purr! Copyright 2008 Mental Copulation Do You Think

Do you think you could love me as I am, hold my hand while we walk, smile at my jokes lean in and kiss me and put your nose on mine, little crinkle smile and the way we are.

Do you think you could accept me, all my perfect flaws, the conversations and the laughter, holding me close because you can feel my spirit and know what I need?

Do you think you could like me based on my character not he said she said and know my genuine self the way we shower my scent at night when you lotion me down after drying me off?

Do you think you could listen to me cry when I need to empathize when I mentally bleed and keep me whole and grounded with your positivity a little playful smack on the %#&@$! to let me know you feel some heat?

Do you think you could see me through all my masks when I hide from you scared of being loved but needing you so much it aches inside and you bring me flowers to see my eyes light up?

Do you think you could want me the rest of my life let me be your wife we don?t need a piece of paper we find peace in one another?s arms and we love to watch sitcoms and eat popcorn?

Do you think you could write me poems telling me how you feel loving me for real not trying to change me but give me the glory as we pray together cry together wake up to the sun forever die together as we share an ice cream cone never alone always in spirit through telepathic messages send little I love you?s and chocolate kisses through email we prevail because in spite of the little dumb %#&@$! things you think we could be together and you prove it?just by being here?..

I think you think we think ?..oneness?..

Aphrodite's Climax Bold..dammit yes I am bold overtaking my body is such an animal that I know not who I am, my sensuality raging like Niagara falls powerful and beautiful, I lay upon my bed of understanding seducing myself into surrender feeling every word and those flames in my fantasy upon my eyelids as I fall into a dreamless reality mental fornication begins and I am victim to those silent vowels yesssss as my thighs open slowly I feel those whispers I hear those words ahhhhhhhhh penetrate me gently I feel it I lay still I don't move I hear those words my breast feel the lips of the flame coming closer the heat making me tremble as I wait .knowing wanting dare I plead with my soul my essence raging thunderously across my flesh I feel those words inside of me plllleassseee my body whispers the heat so loud my soft moanings nary heard my pearl rising between the lips of my earth and there the reading begins I feel it mounting my nakedness exposed under the sun beaming through her .am I ready without chance rhyme or reason we begin a slow melodic rhythm body to body mind to mind lips to lips hands entwined I am taken outside of the universe wanting to explode over the atmosphere like fourth of july fireworks deep inside of me I hear sentences and questions slow words and poetic verses now only do I understand do I release do I feel finally the climax I have never had my mind cries as I cerebrally kum all over those eyes and sketches and she tastes me .for the first time Copyright 2008 MentalCopulation

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