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    March 23, 2000

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    High School or Equivalent

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    Detroit, MI

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    Black/African American


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Long Enough 4 you to come visit my page.

Race: Black

Ancestry: Nigeria

Sex: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: 20

Sign: Cancer

From: Detroit

Status: Single, Sexy, and Sweet

Occupation: College Student

College: The University of Michigan

Graduation: 2006

Interests: Ask me if you wanna know!!


I am the one they call SweetLady_808. Okay, well actually no one really calls me that it`s just a name I came up with a few years ago. Well enough about that, I am currently entering my third year at the University of Michigan. The past couple of years have truly been a learning experience. I`ve been through so much: ups and down, ins and outs, and I don`t think I would have made it without my family and friends. (I`m talking about the real friends...all others please refer to the next paragraph). Anyway for everyone who was there (and ya`ll know who ya`ll are) thanks for doing that!! Whenever I needed someone to talk to, with, or even about, ya`ll were there. Ya`ll helped me through so much shyt. When my mind wasn`t right, ya`ll were there to help sort things out. When my priorities weren`t straight, ya`ll were there to put things in line. Even when my money wasn`t tight, ya`ll were there to lend a helping hand. I hope ya`ll stay with me this year and keep it real ;) Always know that I will be there for ya`ll too. Never let petty shyt get in the way of true friendship; never forget the bonds formed in the past. You know the old saying:

"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver but the other is gold."

Alright now, as you can see I got much luv to all my nigs who keep it real.But for those other peoplez who just can`t seem to stay true.......................... ...

F**K U

Now I`m not going to broadcast ya`ll names over the internet, but ya`ll know who ya`ll are too.I mean are we still little kids because I THOUGHT we were all grown in this here instition of higher learning. You would think that in this here UNIVERSITY of Michigan we could act our ages and not flail about publicizing other peoplez business. Nonetheless, there are SOME PEOPLE (insert fake people here) that have nothin better to do with their time. Sometimes I wonder why people can`t mind they own and not worry about what everyone else is doin`. I`m just sayin` if you got something to SAY , then SAY IT!!. If its about me, tell me, not everyone else.

Not saying that in this here fine institution there aren`t SOME PEOPLE (insert real people here) who manage to go about without being all up in others` shyt. There are people who can say what needs to be said and be the "adults" they need to be. There are SOME people that are real. (Pay close attention to the use of the word "SOME").

Anyway, enough about that. More about ME!! I am originally from the D. I attended Mercy High School before the University of Michigan. (don`t think I am forgeting about my Mercy dawgs. For the few people that I actually did like, a special shout out goes to ya`ll). I`m a down to earth, real kinda person. So holla at me if you just want to talk.

I know by now you are saying please! please! tell me more, but I don`t want to excite you too much. If you want to know anything else about me send a note and I promise to holla back. Oh yeah don`t forget to...


Oh. Here`s the pictures that I know you`ve been waiting to see. Just kiddin. HOLLA!!

This is me and my sister (melo_nelo). Luv ya!!

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