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    Friends, Networking

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    October 01, 2002

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    Some College Coursework Completed

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    Marietta, GA

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    Black/African American


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I can be reached at Alittle about me. What makes me smile is when a person notices and encourages me and my kindness. When they are in tune with me and is obvious that they have learned what I like and show me that. Someone the respects me as having knowledge in some areas maybe even more knowledge that them in some areas. A person being proud to have me as there woman and friend. Seeing love and acknowledgement of love from other people and couples makes me smiles. Babies make me smile. Physical forfilment with someone I love makes me smile.( Please lets not get into that now and start taking dirty.Lol) Knowing the I am appreciated for my efforts to help or show my love makes me smile. Comedy shows and comedians make me smiles. Being with family makes me smile. Good music and concerts. Good movies and shows make me smile. Good food too. I am a woman who is most of the time young at heart. Alittle in denying about getting old. If I had the money and time I would travel and see the world. I like out door things like nature and the stars. I am very loyal to someone I care about. I am strong in some areas and weak in others. I can be a leader or a follower. I can deal with all types of people but because of the coldness, lack of morals and revengeful types spirits of some people have I would rather not deal with folks most of the time. Lol. Forreal dough. My family would rather not do something if I am not there to liven up the party. If you know what I mean. I am serious about my walk with The Most High God. I read my bible and study online. I have strong morals. I believe if you do someone wrong it will come back on you. I am and affectionate person and have no problem with displays of affection in public like holding hands or a hug. I am a clean person and I my house clean. I may leave a dish in the sink one night if I am tired but I am not going to have dirty sheets, tub, sink, toilet. You know what I mean. You never know when someone may stop by. The way I feel shows on my face most of the time I dont always like that because at work folks be trying to read you. I appear to be stronger than I am sometimes and that is because I can be sensitive and caring about things. My screen name is from the scripture. Proverbs 28:1 The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion. So I am a female rightous person so I am a boldlioness. Lol. The real me would like to be in a relationship with a good man that loves God and me more than anything. I would like to be in communication with him on and off during the day and spend quality time when I get home with him. Talk about any and everything. Religion and world news, life experiences. I would like to have days when we do things together and days when we just lay around butt naked all day and cuddle, sex, sleep and start over again no phones no company. I would also like to learn more about videos and video converting so I can put some more classes about the bible on video and maybe visit some small churchs and do some classes. I would like to be able to vacation more than once a year. I like to have peaceful stress free days but productive. I would like to have time and energy to workout and get in jazzuci everyday. Lol. For real dough.

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