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  Recently offered publication at Yale University. Award winning editorial (journalism) writer and non fiction essyist. Recently changed representation considerationfor my YA triology and author of a seductive Asian-African Nior Isara (manuscript currently under construction). 

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I am 1/2 Asian (Thai) and 1/2 Black. Previously a sucessful business owner that has returned to editorial/publishing. I live and work (journalism) bi-coastal (Austin and San Fransisco). Please know that if you send me a note and I do not reply it is not because I am ignoring you. I am never here to read my notes and accept your invites. I am on Facebook daily because the app is on my mobile and I am always on the go. I do still use my Blackplanet for chatrooms on a blue moon maybe once in every few months. I do miss making friends here (I do not care if you are a student or a CEO or your sucess rate. I look inner to who you really are and go from there. Platonic.)