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    April 05, 2008

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    Derivatives Commodities

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    Over $200,000

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    Chicago, IL

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    Black/African American

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Chicago, IL


Chicago New York London Houston Brussels


Thanks for stopping by my little part of the Planet.


I'm all about my life, my career, every day.


Why is there NO Black Hedge Fund?


Why do we have the highest consumer spending power and the least access?


Why is Kerry Washington so smokin' sexy?


I will always give homage to the griots from whom vessels of knowledge and scholarship I have learned so much from -- Cheikh Anta Diop and Frances Cress Welsing.


Why do we blacks in the Diaspora fail to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti, Zimbabwe and even here in our own backyards?

Think positive. Act locally. Hope eternal.


Hope, Change, Vote Obama '08 Make a difference -- each one, teach one....together, we can!


"Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."











Desktop clocks, timers, 3D World Globe clock,

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