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    Friends, Serious Dating

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    April 19, 2009

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    Jenni C.

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    Toledo, OH

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    Hispanic/Latino, Native American, White, Other

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Ok fellas I'm not some desperate fat chick looking for some %#&@$! so please don't come at me as if I were. I am a very confident BBW who knows what she likes and how she likes to be done. If you have no love for us big girls, that is your loss! All you fine %#&@$! men out there who know how to appreciate this thick %#&@$! steak instead of skinny chicken bones, bring the A-1 sauce and let's get it cookin'!!!!

I am single again! No more drama for this Mama!

Hey all, my name is Jenni, I'm 35 and born and raised here in Toledo O-H-I-O. Single mom of two beautiful daughters who are my life. I'm a PROUD BBW who is trying to live my life the best way I can.

Sorry Gay or Bi ladies, I love MEN AND %#&@$!S ONLY!!!!! NO female will be added to my friends list unless I know you in my personal life.

I have only one thing to say to all you haterz in my world... so read his lips...


BOOKS: Reading romance novels or true crime stories, listening to music, watching movies, collecting angels, writing letters and poems. I also like to play cards with my kids and my friends.

MOVIES: A walk to remember, All Tyler Perry plays and movies, comedies, drama, romance, thrillers and action.


MUSIC: R&B and some Rap. I enjoy listening to a lil bit of Jazz also and some Pop music. As well as some crossover Country music



TURN ON'S: A six pack, thick thighs and a good smelling man. An awesome kisser who knows what he is doing in the bedroom. I love to light the bedroom up with scented candles,add a lil slow love making music and make love all night long. Pulling my hair and smackin my %#&@$! during sex. I love a big %#&@$! on a man! And I love and receiving!!!! Lil %#&@$! men NEED NOT apply.



TURN OFF'S: Smelly men with poor hygiene( in other words.. dudes make sure you wash yo %#&@$! and balls please! ) a lack of teeth or rotten teeth.. it's called a dentist and they can work wonders on yo grill, FAT MEN... I'm sorry but two big people together just doesn't work for me! Just because I am a big woman doesn't mean that I should settle for something that I am not attracted to. I just prefer an athletic man versus a heavy man. I don't know why some of you men get mad about what I know I like. MINUTE MEN! Selfish lovers


FETISHES: Rubbing and caressing and licking on a man's chest, giving and receiving oral. Deep passionate kissing. Foreplay is a MUST! Six packs and big %#&@$!s are my thang...wooooweeeee gets me wet just thinking about it!


HOBBIES: Reading romance novels or true crime stories, listening to music, watching movies, collecting angels, writing letters and poems. I also like to play cards with my kids and my friends.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me. I'm an open book!



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