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Introduction : The Corna Spittaz Movement , The Corna Spittaz are a group of lyrically gifted individuals who are intelligent and business minded, they are out to prove New England has good Hip-Hop music to contribute to the music industry.The Corna Spittaz Movement can be clearly defined as serious hip-hop with popular music appeal that expands the demographic of there age range local territory.Local radio personality DJ Hope from 95.3's "Hip Hope Radio Hour " (Saturday @ 11pm WHRB) said that more college radio stations will pick up there music in rotation once they hear the talent come across the airwaves. Cambridge Community Televison (CCTV) Local personality "Bodega " from the Tell'em Why Your Hot Show,(Wednesday @ 9pm Local Cambridge,MA Access Chanel 9,11,21) The host" Bodega" has had Corna Spittaz members Big Ha and Phullklip on the show several times and enjoys there music and promotes them when they come through the T. V. Station. Currently "The Corna Spittaz Movement " have been busy at work putting together a Mix CD to be released in late spring hosted by a talented member of the group DJ Benny XP the resident DJ for the Corna Spittaz Crew who has been working hard on a finished product.They have also been putting the fiinished mixing and mastering to a EP of the hottest songs in the Movement to be released later this summer. The Corna Spittaz Camp has just released a professional video for the titled song "Corna Spittaz All Day " which will hit the YouTube subscribers in early summer and the song has been ready for release since late March. The video was done on a small budget with director credits going to several Corna Spittaz members who were involved with the storyboard and concept. With the help of AsiamDesignPhotography(www.asi the Corna Spittaz just finished their first professional photo shoot on the campus of Harvard University over looking the Charles River and the beautiful Boston skyline . These hot new photos will be instrumental in creating a marketing campaign for the group and each individual member solo projects. The group has been working with Brian Price a Clinical Law Professor for the Harvard Transactional Law Clinic at Harvard University Pond Hall has been creating the necessary legal agreements to take the music business side of The Corna Spittaz Movement to the next level with the help of his student assistant Heegun Jung. Who are The Corna Spittaz Movement Big Ha - 34 year old songwriter ,poet and performer and father of a 14 yr old daughter. He is a resident in Boston's Dorchester area and has been in the field for 20 years writing and producing .He started his music career writing and performing poetry which later evolved into songwriting and music development with Victor Campbell of the Cambridge ,MA studio D-Vyne Music Studios and Production. As one of the founding members of the Corna Spittaz Entertainment LLC he takes things very serious when you speak of his members. Phullklip-38 year old songwriter and performer has his roots inbedded in hip-hop from the grafitti and tagging aspect .He was a founding member of the local rap group G.O.A which stood for Gangsters Of Art. Phullklip Brings a since of maturity and focus with determination deeply mixed in every decision made for his group members. He is a a Dorchester native but now resides in the Mattapn area of Boston. He has work with local magazine founder Ian of BarberTime Magazine and Entertainment . Also one of the two founding members of Corna Spittaz Entertainment LLC.PhullKLip has a lot of responsibility along with being a artist and performer. Shion Dollar a 36 year old father of three who has been songwriting,rapping and performing since 16 yrs old.He is a long time friend of PhullKlip who he met and a job site back when they where alot younger and have stayed friends for over 18 yrs.Shion Dollar brings a since of flair and unpredictability with his flow and delivery .He add a needed element to the Corna Spittaz Camp. Along time resident of the Roslindale area of Boston. His life experience and wisdom make Corna Spittaz very deadly in the music business. DJ Benny XP a 35 yr old married father of three who currently resides in the suburban area of Woburn , MA has a longtime passion and hobby of DJing.He had decided to join the camp and take his passions one step further in the industry. He saids that the Corna Spittaz has good music and material mixed with talent that he believes in and can see his self promoting and spinning wax for. C-Black is a 34 yrold member of the camp who is a construction worker by day and a songwriter and performer by night. Coming from the Four Corners section of Dorchester he has a strong business sense. He has worked as a marketing manager for BarberTime Magazine and Entertainment. He has a strong street mentality which comes across in his lyrics. Being a veteran of Boston nderground street culture he has been through alot in his time on this planet.He puts this in evry bar of a song he is involved in . The internet is buzzing with The Corna Spittaz Movement Haiti Tribute Song entitled "Send Me an Angel " ( which was produced to bring light to the Haiti earthquake and also the human and social atrocities of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana.This music and production group is already a force to be reckoned with in the New England hip-hop scene.Staying busy with new songs an upcoming Mix CD a marketing campaign with AsiamDesignPhotography studios. A upcoming group album and solo projects in the pipeline. This Movement is serious about making a impact in hip-hop today and into the future. You can follow the links and take a listen for yourself also 0 and their you can follow them also on






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